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reading-99244_1280I love writing blogs, and I enjoy getting comments from you. In my blogs, I give you my ideas and experiences on a particular subject. Your comments help me to broaden my viewpoint and to learn. I understand that some readers are wondering how they can react to my blog or any other blog. In this guide, I am giving you some leads:


I can imagine that some readers don’t want to comment on any blog. You’re writing your thoughts on the internet, and you don’t know how people will react and what the effect is. I have a simple solution for you. When you see me irl (in real life), you can comment or talk directly to me about it. I am looking forward to it and to being amazed by your wisdom during a cup of coffee. Chances are that I will add a comment about it beneath the blog or start a whole new article without stating your name (as I did in the last 2 blogs on the elephant in the room, about mental fatigue and how to deal with those).


Some readers live far away, and there is a slim chance of meeting me in person. Perhaps they have reasons stated in ad 1) on why they would rather not comment directly beneath the blog. Another simple solution is to write me an email at I will respond to your message, and, again, chances are that I will comment beneath the blog with your remarks!


I encourage you to react to my blogs at the bottom of the page. Reactions can simply be:

“Thank you for the blog”, “Great tips!” or “Good read.”

I am especially interested in WHAT or WHY you liked something or what your IDEAS are on the subject. Share YOUR EXPERIENCE, STORIES, or TIPS. There’s also the possibility of reacting to someone else’s comment. In that case, use the “@” to make sure your comment is directed at that person:

“@Freek: I think you’re right, how about….”

You are also welcome to disagree and to correct me or others, as we all are learning. In case you did NOT LIKE it, let me know why. DEGRADING comments, including FOUL LANGUAGE, will be deleted by me. Keep in mind the Arabian proverb in any conversation: “Is it true? Is it Kind? Is it necessary?”


The other participants and I would like to know if real people take part in a real discussion.  Make sure that you fill in your name and surname in your comment. This way, you are recognizable when you enter a comment on the blog. If you have no personal photo (please, no logos!) with your comment, it is very easy to set up your own Gravatar by following the instructions. And do come back to the blog to participate in the conversation.

example gravatar


An opportunity to take part in a lively discussion and to be amazed by other people

-A chance to share YOUR expertise

-The first one who comments on this blog by implementing leads 3) and 4) of this guide gets A GIFT from me.

-A possibility to broaden your thoughts, knowledge, and insights on topics such as development, goals, intuition, and action.


What have been your experiences with participating in blog discussions? What did the moderator do, or ceased to do to make it active?

Thank you for sharing this blog with your colleagues, friends, or family. And please SHARE this article with your network on Twitter, Facebook,  and LinkedIn by pressing the buttons below so that they can profit from this guide on how to comment on blogs!


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Walter Van Noten
16 April 2016 14:52

Hi Freek,

Thank you for this useful set of “rules of engagement” for commenting on blogs. I often make comments and it is a great joy to receive them on my own blog. I agree with everything you say.