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Over the last years, I’ve been blogging about experiences and different topics that came to me while coaching, training, networking, listening to Podcasts, reading, or visiting friends. Actually, my first idea to blog about was born while listening to the radio!

Since then, I have been writing about setting goals, reflection, intuition, books, finding your purpose (your WHY), choices, and many other topics I found interesting to blog about. Most posts contain my thoughts on the subject and include steps to take action and help you.

Go to my blog page to read my posts since 2014.

Topics wanted!

Most of the time, I came up with the topics and subjects for my blogs. But what about the topics you’re interested in? Yes, you dear reader! I believe I can help you with your questions about your professional career, your ambitions, fears, life in general, or something you’d like to know more about in the field of personal development. I would especially welcome the input of people struggling to find and live their WHY.

Perhaps you want to know how to deal with stress at work, communicate, and be more focused, or you need some tips to improve your skills to get an idea across. Also, it could be that you would like me to update or add new ideas/steps to my previous blogs.

If you tell me what to write about in my upcoming blogs, I promise to do my best to research it and give you my professional reflection as a coach, trainer & engineer on your question so that the post benefits you and others. The blog will be written in Dutch and English.

I will give you steps, ideas, and inspiration on how to handle your challenges yourself. They can help you to lead a happier, more effective, and perhaps more love in life!

Sometimes I’ll refer to a book, a working model, an exercise, a short YouTube movie, or another professional.

FREE advice!

The best part is that it’s for FREE! See this as an opportunity for advice on what steps to take or possibilities for your question or topic. I can show you how to improve or how to deal with certain issues.


Let me know…

Let me know what to blog about. All you have to do is to post a topic or question in the comment box below. Or you can write an email to I promise that you will get an answer and won’t use your name in my blog(s)!

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Have you seen an error in this article? Let me know! I am grateful!

Update: I wrote the original article on February 26, 2016, and it was updated on August 12, 2022.

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