What would you do if you had 5 extra lives?

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That was the question of one of my connections on LinkedIn. This question tickled me and I had to answer it.

Why 5 lives?

Why not just 1? Most of us are upset of one big wrong decision in their life which they would do different in an extra life. This can be in business or in private life.

She, my connection, tells me to write down what I would do in my 5 extra lives in just 15 minutes. For this, find a comfortable spot where you cannot be disturbed. Just write anything that comes to mind and don’t worry about the (im)possibilities.

I have been contemplating if I should share my next lives with you since it’s rather personal and I was asking myself if it would be of value to you. I did sent a draft to a few connections and they told me that my story touched them and that it opened their heart.

So, here it goes:

In my first extra life, I will definitely jump on opportunities even faster than in this lifetime. I know I have missed some and I am not really sad about it since I am at peace with it. In my blog on how to deal with a missed opportunity, I am giving you tips on this subject. If I got the chance of an extra lifetime, I would definitely say “Yes” to the offer to live in a certain student home, to go out with that girl who I didn’t know that well or “Yes” to that job offer for a very large company overseas.

In my second life, I would worry less. This is related to the first extra life since fear withholds me to take an opportunity. What would people say if I wandered off to the other side of the Atlantic or what will I lose by dating that girl? I know that where there is fear, there’s no love.

So, in my third extra life, I would love more. And this is not only the romantic love, but also the detached love. It’s the love one gives from the heart without expecting something in return. To the people close to me I would give more warm love and outside this close circle, more detached love. This can be charity or by being graceful in life.

In my fourth life, I will serve life more. In this current life I tend to work towards reaching goals, ticking things off the bucket lists, looking at the size of my bank account and also enjoying the recognition of my work by others. Does this matter in the end? I am not quite sure since what matters most to me is to help people help themselves. I know that if I help people to grow in awareness, the consciousness of all life will grow and we’ll all advance in our quest in this lifetime and the upcoming lifetimes.

In my fifth life, I will do all four of the above at once in the same life!

Next, my connection suggests to read my text aloud and choose one thing from a life to implement this upcoming week.

I know what I’ll do and I really hope this blog inspires you to do what you’re good at within your own strength. In my blog about finding out what you’re good at, you can read more about what you need to do and get a FREE tool from me.

What would you in your 5 extra lives? Please let me know what you’ll implement next week and let me and my connection know how this exercise was helpful to you.

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