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Perhaps you have heard the story in this article before. I read it years ago, and recently, I heard it again. In the current article, you’ll find my version of the story, and perhaps it helps you understand the moments of luck and the setbacks in life. The story can also give you insights on how to deal with these situations to experience more calm and less stress.

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Once upon a time, a poor farmer and his family lived on a farm. Since the family had no horse to pull the plow, they plowed by hand all day long. Working on the land was hard, and they had little food for themselves.

One morning, as the family got to work on the land again, a horse was on their property. It was just standing there and was happily grazing.

The villagers saw what had happened and told the farmer how lucky he was to have a horse that could now pull the plow.

The farmer just smiled and said: “We’ll see.”

After a couple of weeks, the horse jumped over the fence and ran away. Again the villagers came to the farmer and told him how unlucky they were for the horse to escape.

The farmer looked at the villagers and smiled again. He only said: “We’ll see.”

Time passed, and suddenly, the horse came back. It must have missed the shelter and the care of the family. The villagers were amazed and told the family how lucky they were that the horse came back.

The farmer was smiling and said: “We’ll see.”

By now, the horse stayed with the family of farmers longer. It even let the son of the farmer ride it’s back. But one day, the boy fell off the horse and was hurt badly. All the villagers told the farmer how unlucky the boy was.

But the farmer just smiled and said: “We’ll see.”

Shortly afterward, a war broke out. All healthy young men should fight in the army against the enemy. When the villagers found out that the farmer’s son didn’t have to join the army because of his injury, they told him how lucky they were.

And again, the farmer just smiled and said: “We’ll see.”

The Moral of the Story

In life, there are many moments of prosperity but also moments of misfortune. When things go well, you might boast about it, and when there’s a setback, you might yell and blame others. The misfortunes can especially cause stress and shut us off from our creative ability to deal with a situation.

Perhaps this story can teach us something on how to deal with these ups and downs by letting go of the emotions.

Of course, I am happy and grateful when something good happens in my life. Also, I can get quite upset if there is a hitch in a plan.

Who knows, by saying something like “We’ll see” can help you see a lesson in any situation, move on, and find other creative things to do.

Your WHY

Your WHY is your contribution, which has an impact on the world. It is always positive and action-oriented. It helps you move on and find creative things to do after a setback or when you have to make a big decision in life. Your WHY is not something to be created or made up. It has been with you since you were a teenager.

I can help you to discover your WHY. Take action now and contact me today for a free intake or to start right away.

Do you want to find out more about finding your WHY? Read this article on finding your WHY or this article to find out what a WHY session is.

How do you deal with setbacks? What do you do if life is getting too stressful? Let me know in the comment field below. The other readers of this article. and I are looking forward to reading from you!

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