Discover your WHY

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Undoubtedly, you know what you have to do every day and how to do it (and you are good at it …). But why are you doing those things? Not to make money, because that is a result of your actions.

Why do you get out of bed?

How do you know which choices to take in line with your why?


A “Discover your WHY” session helps you to discover your purpose, your drive, your contribution or your calling.


The goal of a “Discover your WHY” session is to find out how you make a contribution and what the effect of it on the world. The result is that all your future actions are more effective, powerful and authentic so that people (professional and personal) are more inclined to follow you. This is because your WHY has a deeper and more emotional value than what you do.

For whom?

  • employees
  • people returning to work after staying at home
  • people who are looking for a new job
  • people who are looking for their purpose
  • self-employed professional / freelancers / entrepreneurs
  • owners of companies or managers in the non-profit sector or government
  • Teams / departments / companies / associations and organizations.


By knowing your WHY, you are more effective, more passionate and connected to your work and what you do. If you discover that your WHY is different from the one where you work, then it will be easier for you to choose another job. A job at a company that has a WHY that is more in line with yours.

Just remember: Your WHY is not about what you want to be like but about who you are in your natural best state.

What are we going to do?

The idea is that you tell stories in the process about your past to discover your WHY. Experiences (both positive and negative) that contributed to the person you are now.

Based on your stories, we examine what exactly you do when you are at your best and what the effect is on the world. This forms the basis of your WHY. In the session we set up a draft WHY statement that you then refine.

A WHY Discovery sessin takes a half day with a maximum of 6 hours. It is important that you cannot be disturbed during that period.


If you would like to receive a FREE Quote for a WHY Discovery session, please contact me. The session can also be done in Dutch, French or German.

For more information about discovering WHY, read my article about finding your WHY.