Discover your WHY journey for Organizations

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You have a successful company or organization and you distinguish yourself from your competitors. Your products and services are of the highest quality and your staff is satisfied. Yet, you want more and you wonder:

Why do we do what we do?

How do customers find us who believe what we believe?

How can we better explain what we do?

How do we find staff who fit our company?

How can we better connect our staff to our company?

A “WHY discovery journey for organizations” helps you to answer the above questions. It defines your purpose, your calling and contribution to this world in a way that is action-oriented.


The goal of a “WHY discovery journey for organizations” session is to find out how your organization contributes and what the effect is on the world.

For whom?

  • Companies
  • Teams / divisions within an organization
  • (semi)government non-profit organizations
  • Associations and foundations


-The result of an action-oriented WHY statement is that all your future actions are more effective, powerful and authentic so that others (employees, teams, clients and suppliers) are more inclined to follow you. This is because your WHY has a deeper and more emotional value than what you do. This is more appealing than a sales pitch or a motivation speech for your employees.

-It will be easier to hire people who “fit” with your organization if there is a clear WHY. Future employees believes what you believe as an organization. This is a stronger motivator than money.

-In addition, it helps you which projects and products you have to launch and which do not. It will help you with your marketing and, perhaps most important of all, it will help you better streamline the internal processes of your company for the benefit of your employees.

-A WHY helps to come up with new (internal) working methods and new ideas for new services or ways of communicating to the customers. Ideas and services that are in line with the WHY of the organization.

-If your team knows what their own WHY is, they will understand their contribution to the whole company better.

It will help people to connect in a more powerful, more meaningful way to the impact of the company on the world.

Just remember: The WHY of an organization is different from a conviction, an ambition, the core values, the guidelines, vision or mission. A WHY statement is action-oriented.

What are we going to do?

A “WHY discovery journey for organizations” is done with 2 to 30 people, regardless of the size of an organization. The group consists of a representative cross-section of an organization.

The discovery journey takes a half day (4 – 6 hours). It is good that the founder of the organization is present at the session and that he / she also knows his or her own WHY (see: Discover your WHY for individuals).

In the session we reflect on successes and special moments when the organization was at its best. Events that have shaped the organization as it is today.

This forms the basis of a WHY. We will work in small subgroups and in the large group. In the session you create up a WHY statement that will be refined.

A follow-up session may consist of defining the HOW of your organization. This will help your organization with what actions are important to realize your WHY.

After that, the WHY will have to be presented to the entire organization so that all employees can carry the WHY, identify themselves with it and communicate it well.


If you would like to receive a FREE Qoute for a WHY Discovery session, please contact me. The session can alsobe done in Dutch, French or German.

For more information about discovering WHY, read my article about finding your WHY.