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How to Boost your LinkedIn profile

linkedin-network-1940x1122LinkedIn is considered one of the most important professional networking application in the World with more than 380 million users in over 200 countries or territories. Recent research showed that 70% of job seekers use LinkedIn and 90% of employers check candidates profiles on LinkedIn.

Most people do have a professional LinkedIn account but are struggle on how to make a good profile of themselves to find a job or a new business opportunity. In this training, I will help you:

  • to see how potential clients / employers look at your profile
  • what you can do in order to get noticed. How to improve the most important sections of your profile
  • to be aware of other features of LinkedIn
  • how to find more valuable contacts and how to use LinkedIn before and after network events.


This training gives you tips and tricks which you can apply right away to boost your LinkedIn profile! Click here to see my LinkedIn profile.



The LinkedIn training is not only for individuals and entrepreneurs to boost their profile in order to find a new career or business opportunity, but also for organizations who want improve their LinkedIn profile of their employees since employees can be great ambassadors for the organization.

Contact me to show you how I can help you with my workshops and trainings. These can be custom tailored to the needs of your organization and event.

Workshops and trainings can be held in Dutch, English, German and French and can last from one hour to half a day.

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