Haka workshop (UK)

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The Haka is an ancient tribal war dance from New Zealand performed by genuine Maori warriors as an expression of passion, power, and identity. By using their body, voice, hands, feet, legs, eyes, and tongue they show their strength to their opponents to impress them. The Haka workshop is a respectful interpretation based on this ceremonial Haka dance.

What are we going to do?

During the Haka workshop, participants will learn about the Haka and its meaning, we teach the words, and the moves and you’ll perform the Haka with colleagues. The participants will also be challenged to create and perform their own tribal dance. All this in an hour of fun, energy, teambuilding, connection, leadership, and expression.

Who is it for?

The haka workshop is ideal for corporate events or private parties. It is a great energizer, team-building workshop, or an activity in between meetings & away days. We give the Haka workshop for 10 to 450 persons at any location in the Netherlands or Belgium! Languages: Dutch, English, German and French.


I give this workshop in collaboration with Matrix events.

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See below one of the best Haka’s performed by the New Zealand All Blacks and a quick tutorial on the Kamate Haka.