DISC Communication

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communiceer beter (met Disc)!

Everyone has their own communication or behavior style. This is naturally present or has been learned over time.  Understanding of your own communication style and that of others helps you and your team to be more effective. The DISC model is a simple tool to discover a communication style and offers practical tools to communicate better with someone else. You can read more about the DISC model and the different communication styles here.

For who?

The DISC Training is:

  • for better collaboration within a (temporary project)team;
  • for more effective leadership;
  • in sales;
  • to prepare for job interviews;
  • with onboarding;
  • for at home with your partner;
  • for at home with your children.


The results of a DISC assessment can help you to a higher self-awareness and more personal effectiveness.

What are we going to do?

The DISC training can be done individually or as a team and is given by a certified DISC trainer.


In an individual training session, you will receive a validated questionnaire prior to the session. The results of the DISC test (click here for an example) are discussed and practical tips are given to communicate better and more effectively with others.

Duration: 1,5 hour


The training for a team is aimed to recognize the communication style of the different team members and to learn how to effectively improve it. Prior to the training, a meeting will take place to discuss the specific goals of the training.

Prior to the training, all team members receive a validated questionnaire. The results of the DISC test are discussed during the training.

The purpose of this training is to recognize the communication style of others and to learn how to deal with this effectively. This will be made clear and practiced in various activities.

Duration: one day (and a return)

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For more info on DISC, read my article about the DISC model.

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