Company Mindfulness

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Company Mindfulness is an inspiring workshop especially for organizations who want to make a step in awareness and effectiveness. Mindfulness is by far the most powerful way to reduce stress in a short period of time and to deal with today’s’ challenges effectively. During this ‘down to earth’ workshop participants will discover how to apply  mindfulness successfully in their daily life.

After a short introduction about mindfulness, participants get to work. The program includes (active) exercises and moments to share, to reflect and to learn. The following subjects will be addressed: dealing with stress, the power of breathing, to be in the “here and now”, visualization and meditation. Since this is an ‘experience focused workshop”, learned skills will last longer.


A well connected team experiencing less stress, has a lower sick leave a better communication and collaboration.

Company Mindfulness in is a workshop for teams and organizations who want to reduce stress and effectiveness.

Matrix-Eventsvrijstaand-300x147I give this workshop in collab with Matrix events.


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