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A well-deserved holiday is approaching for most of you.  Finally, time to recharge, regroup, ground, touch base, get inspiration, rest, regenerate, or even heal.

Others still have to work hard to finish those deadlines. In this article, I am giving you some tips on how to recharge while still at home or the office. It’s especially for those who have been running low on the reserve tank for a while now.

At Home & the office

1 Break large goals into smaller ones

Do you get overwhelmed with these big tasks as well? It will take so much time and energy to complete that whole project. Sometimes, I just get tired thinking of it. If you break down your project into smaller tasks, you’ll be more likely to really accomplish them. This will give you a good feeling to go home with and continue the next day without rethinking and worrying about it the whole evening. You can use that time to recharge and not be drained by fear and worries.

2 Stop multitasking

Here’s a small little test:

  • Start your stopwatch
  • Write down “MULTITASKING DOES NOT REALLY WORK” and afterward the numbers 1 to 29 above it.
  • Stop your timer. What does it read? Write it down
  • Next, start your stopwatch again
  • Write down “MULTITASKING DOES NOT REALLY WORK,” and at the same time, write the numbers 1 to 29 above each following letter.
  • Stop your timer. What does it read? Write it down. What is the difference?

You need to stop multitasking as it takes so much time and energy if you want to recharge.

3 Drink water

I swear to you that this beats a cup of coffee. Especially the one from a machine. Drink one glass of cold water and take one to your desk to drink during work. our body weight is made up of 60 percent water so drink at least 8 glasses of water per day and an extra one for more energy.

4 Cocoon

After a busy week with many interactions with people, some of us just want to be alone to recharge. This is fine. You don’t have to go to a far place to be alone. You can also find a spot in your garden or house to be alone. Put on your headset (or earplugs), stare at the sky and do nothing. You might want to do something mindless (like doodling or borrowing your kids widget spinner).

5 Read my blog with 100 ways to experience more joy & happiness

You can find my 100 ways here. I am sure that one will resonate with you and will help you to recharge.

6 Deep breathing

Take a few minutes to inhale deeply and exhale so much that all the air comes out of your lungs. You can do this behind your desk so you won’t lose time. Be aware of your breathing. If possible, do a power nap. Lie down for 15 minutes, close your eyes, focus on your breathing, and sleep. I know of one of my readers who steps out of the office and takes a nap in the car. It’s a great way to energize and recharge.

7 Indulge a guilty pleasure

Oh man, I do love a good action movie from time to time! Next to take my mind off the daily business, I am aware of being entertained and of relaxing. Next on my to-watch list is this one. What is your guilty pleasure to recharge?

8 Write down your to-do list for tomorrow

It will help you to structure what you’re going to do tomorrow or after the holidays. Otherwise, you’re going to think about what you need to do and worry about forgetting it. Not a great way to relax and energize. I work with Evernote, so I always have my to-do lists.

Here you go, 8 tips on how to recharge at home & the office. So schedule it and do at least one of them. In my next article, I am giving you 7 more tips on recharging away from home & the office.

How do you recharge at home & the office? Please let me know in the comment box below. I am looking forward reading from you!

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Update: I wrote the original article on July 7, 2017, and it was updated on May 6, 2022.

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