Time to really recharge! (part 2)

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In my last article, I gave you eight tips on how to recharge at home & the office. In this article, I am giving you seven more tips on how to really recharge, especially when away from home & the office.

Away from home & the office

8 Rely on your team

So you’ve communicated all ongoing and finished projects with your team before going on holiday. Let them know what they might expect and how to deal with it. Now it’s time to let go and rely on them so that they can handle anything while you’re away. It will help you to recharge without having to worry (or check-in occasionally) about how things are at the office.

9 Travel & meet new people

I travel for business and pleasure many times. Traveling always sets my mind on something other than daily troubles and worries. Travel excites me, so I can meet new people and discover new locations. And even new things can be discovered in places you’ve been before. It helps to stay curious, keep your eyes open or use this app to meet locals. Another hack to meet new people is to carry along a power outlet strip. Everybody needs to charge their phone or laptop, and outlets are scarce at airports and buses-, train stations, and in some cafés. It’s a great way to meet new people!

10 Make a list of accomplishments

What makes us feel down during the day? Our mistakes, our missed opportunities, and our failures. We tend to think negatively since we love to compare ourselves to people who are more successful than we are. Make a list of 10 accomplishments you have reached in the past weeks. If this is too much for you: write down one thing you can brag about (like I wrote 2 blogs today!). Better yet, brag to someone. It will energize you!

11 Learn something new

A great way to recharge is to learn something new like scuba diving, going for a private pilot license, or horseback riding. It can be anything as long as you enjoy doing it and it is relaxing.

12 Sweat it out

Does it sound familiar that you can’t sleep after sporting late at night? Well, it gives you energy! A friend of mine has trouble meditating and explained to me that running is a great way to let go of troubles, anxieties, or worries. It’s his way to meditate. Others get inspired and come up with great ideas while sweating. So run, row, bike, or play squash. Anything that makes you sweat. I love to dance. This is a fantastic way for me to get energized.

13 Meet with friends who support you

Last week I went to a friend’s for a birthday party. It was after a busy week, and it was nice to spend time with like-minded friends, listen to their adventures, and be able to talk about my experiences. Although I had a lot of cake, talked and listened (and it was getting late), I felt good. I felt that I belonged to a group, and I went home with lots of inspiration and energy. And, perhaps even more importantly, spend time with your family. I found this quote which demonstrates well why:

When it’s all said and done, anyone can do your job, but only you can be the father to your children and husband to your wife.

14 Fast from technology

Technology (especially cell phones, TVs, and computers) often distracts you. When you need to refocus on the job you were doing, this is a waste of time and energy. Technology fast is hard for me, and I haven’t done it often. A holiday is a great opportunity to do this fast.

Of course you can use my tips from part 1: At home & the office, when you’re away from it. And vice versa.

How do you recharge away from home & the office? Please let me know in the comment box below. I am looking forward reading from you!

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Update: I wrote the original article on July 21, 2017, and it was updated on May 6, 2022.

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