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I went through some statistics of my website and it seems that the all-time best-read article is the one on self-reflection (Also read: Benefits of Self-Reflection).

A step in self-reflection is to look back and reflect on what went well. In this article I am sharing with you my most successful articles & podcasts, the trainings and some other noteworthy moments that can be considered ” The Best of 2017″.


The 5 minute Journal

Journalling 5 minute reflectionIn 2017, the most viewed article was the one on the 5 minute journal (also read: The 5 minute journal).  Journalling has become even more popular since I wrote it. This article gives you the benefits and will help you to start journalling in an easy way.  I still practice it every day. The only thing that has changed is that I no longer write down my intentions. It became a mental goal on itself and that felt oppressive. I now write what I allow myself to do that day. This also includes making mistakes or making a fool out of myself.

12 Keys to create balance in your engineering career (part 1)

Wow! This actually is a pretty good article! It gives you 12 keys to help you find balance in your engineering career. It’s about work-life balance and it’s not only for engineers. The keys will give you insight in the values in life and how you can live better in line with your own values. I recently heard someone say in a Podcast that you can’t have balance if you do not feel safe in an area of your life. A 13th key would be to have safety & trust in each area of your life in order to be in balance.

My 5 Main Lessons which I Have Learned at an Engineering Firm

In this article I am sharing with you my main 5 lessons which I have learned working at an engineering firm. I realize that with only  5 lessons learned from different colleagues, I am short of all of those other co-workers at different organizations I worked with and for. In the future, I will share some more lessons with you.


In January, I started the Engineer Podcast . I enjoy meeting engineers, architects and IT specialists and to talk about their journey and learnings. There was one Podcast in English with Lucas Simons. In case you missed the interview with a special changemaker, I highly recommend that you listen to this one. I still have one interview lined up this year and will continue with this project next year. If you have any suggestions for guests, please let me know by sending an email to!


In 2017, I gave many of training sessions and workshops in field of personal development, change management, communication and team building. Next year, we’ll continue giving training and I am excited to give the DISC communication training. For an overview of my workshop- and training products, click here.


One of the most successful workshops in 2017 was the Haka. Many people in our network wanted to know more about this traditional Maori dance. Therefore, Iric van der Have from Matrix Events and I decided to organize an event. On September 15th, we organized the first Haka Event. Watch the after movie below for an impression! Iric and I are planning to organize a follow up in 2018. So, stay tuned!


Coaching sessions were getting shorter in 2017. The interventions using the GROW technique or character strengths helped my clients in just 2 or 3 sessions. Interested in coaching? Check out my services on this page on coaching. See below for some of the feedback that I have received from my clients:

-Thank you for giving me the tools so I know where I have to go

-I like working with professionals

Best book

Finally, I have read more than 20 books last year. My all-time favorite was Brené Brown’s “Braving the Wildernis”. You might have seen her TED talk on vulnerability. In this book she describes vulnerability in her life and how she deals with this in order the connect with others.


Best friends

I am very grateful for everybody who helped me to create the best as described in this article. Especially those who believed in me, who kept me accountable, supported me and coached me. You know who you are! 😉


 What about your best of 2017?

We tend to look back and kick ourselves for not doing this or not achieving that. This will not help you. You can reflect on what could be better next time. For now, it’s time to look what you’ve accomplished and celebrate your successes.



What were your successes and your best in 2017? Let me know in the comment box below. I look forward to read from you!

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Have you seen an error in this article? Let me know! I am grateful!

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