The art of giving

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In my last article I gave you 100 ways to experience more joy and happiness.

One way is to support a good cause (#5).

I support Casper and his foundation. Casper van Eijck is a professor at the Erasmus MC (University Medical Center Rotterdam) and a specialist on pancreatic cancer.

Why do I support Casper?

I first heard about Casper on the radio and his story touched me as I did not know that pancreatic cancer is one of the most fatal types of cancer. People do not survive this cancer and most patients die within 6 months after the diagnosis has been made!

I also became interested as he and his team do not try to treat cancer the common way by surgery, radiation therapy or chemotherapy. They use a form of Immunotherapy. Casper and his team are innovators in virology since they are creating viruses which attack the tumors in the pancreas. It’s a challenging quest which needs a lot more research and funding. For more information (in Dutch) or to support this cause, click here or on the banner below.


Besides doing research and treating patients, Casper and his team are investing a lot of time and energy organizing fundraisers for their charity and making the public aware of their research.

I find it very inspiring that people like Casper are committed in finding new creative ways to fight this type of cancer. A disease which is getting more and more common within my circle of connections.

So, why support a good cause and how?

Of course you can donate money but you can also give time, effort and expertise by volunteering.

It is about doing good and it comes back to you in different ways and on different moments in the form of experiencing joy, in making contact with others who need your help and sometimes in true coin.

It makes me feel good and happy. By supporting Casper I feel that I am contributing in finding a cure for this terrible cancer.

We all have this inner need to contribute to the world. This can be by being an expert in our field, working hard for our company or by being at home and helping others (co-workers, customers, friends & loved ones) with their problems.

 “Remember that the happiest people are not those getting more, but those giving more.”

– Jackson Brown, Jr.

Then, what’s the art of giving?

It’s giving unconditionally. Giving something without expecting anything in return. As stated above, it can be by volunteering, giving money, helping or just smiling at someone. You also can give of your talent, your love, an invitation, blood, a recommendation, an encouragement, attention (by listening), laughter or you can give forgiveness. Reflect on that last one….

You do what you can. And please, give without keeping score. Real giving is expecting no favors, acknowledgements or presents in return. Absolutely nothing.

I truly believe that if you give, help, contribute, serve or support it has an effect on the consciousness of the world. It’s lifted, even if it’s by very little. You do have an effect and it will get back to you.

How do you give? Do you support a good cause and why? Let me know in the comment box below!

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