What can we learn from other people?

What we can learn from othert people Zilvold Coaching & Training Blog

This article is a transcript of a French Podcast Vlan! by Grégory Pouy. It’s one of the best podcasts I’ve heard in recent times. I recommend to you the lessons and wisdom of Frédéric Lopez, who is interviewed in this episode. You will read about his encounters with other people in faraway places and what we can learn from them. He also shares with us his meditation techniques that can help you live more consciously and with less fear. He talks about positivity, emotional equality, and the role of the media.

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From Engineer to Manager

Voor Nederlands, klik hier. Twenty years ago, I started as a staff engineer at a big engineering firm. Over the next 10 years, I was involved in multidisciplinary projects worldwide. Then I was asked to manage a team of highly skilled laboratory technicians. They would test soil samples for mechanical properties such as consolidation, shear…

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