Legacy (Book Review)

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This article is a ‘short’ book review of “Legacy” by James Kerr. The book has 15 lessons from the successful Rugby team, the “All Blacks” from New Zealand. The lessons are an inspiration to be the best you can be, to learn, and to leave the world in a better place than you found it. These lessons enable you to be a good leader for yourself, others, and life.

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From Engineer to Manager

Voor Nederlands, klik hier. Twenty years ago, I started as a staff engineer at a big engineering firm. Over the next 10 years, I was involved in multidisciplinary projects worldwide. Then I was asked to manage a team of highly skilled laboratory technicians. They would test soil samples for mechanical properties such as consolidation, shear…

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8 habits of integrity

For Dutch, click here. The other day there was a job posting for an integrity engineer. This opening fascinated me. The objective of the job was to work with other departments regarding integrity requirements for new product developments. OK, that’s integrity on paper. But how do you strive to and uphold a high standard of…

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