How to Stay Authentic

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Summary: This article gives you 6 ways to stay authentic. Staying authentic will help you to be more confident, calm, appreciated, successful and happy. Voor Nederlands, klik hier. Products and people who are authentic tend to be more successful. You remember them better, you trust them more and they make you feel good, enthusiastic or…

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Do you dare to be vulnerable?

Summary: Being vulnerable is not something current in the technical world were minds are an important tool. The expression of feelings plays an important role by being vulnerable. This article is about the benefits of being vulnerable. It helps to resolve conflicts, to have better communication, relationships and to accomplish projects more successfully. Voor Nederlands,…

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8 habits of integrity

For Dutch, click here. The other day there was a job posting for an integrity engineer. This opening fascinated me. The objective of the job was to work with other departments regarding integrity requirements for new product developments. OK, that’s integrity on paper. But how do you strive to and uphold a high standard of…

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