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The summer holidays are a great opportunity to read books. I love to read and I have brought a stack of them (paperbacks, digital and audio books) with me. With these following titles, I am looking forward to educate myself, get new ideas, inspiration and insights:

Life’s Golden Ticket – Brendon Burchard

I discovered Brendon Bruchard through his podcast called “The charged Life”. The story in “Life’s Golden Ticket” is about a man who visits an old and abandoned theme park to discover life missed opportunities and what can be done about it. The book includes an envelope in the back which can only be opened if you’ve read the book.

Unshakeable – Tony Robbins

This is the latest book by Tony Robbins in which he gives you tools to be financially “unshakeable”. Tony’s definition of being truly unshakeable is when you have unwavering confidence even amidst the storm. The book is about taking control back of your money and includes checklists to find out if you can trust an advisor with your money. For me a must read in these times and I want to learn more about the game of money.

Headstrong -Dave Asprey

I am reading this one a Kindle. Dave Asprey used to be an IT specialist and was overweight. In his former line of work he found out that a difficult system is easy to hack were as a simple system is extremely difficult to hack. He then asked himself if he could hack is brains to be more focused, energetic and to lose weight. He studied and interviewed many specialists on the field of nutrition and neurosciences. I am halfway now and some of the hacks really help you to focus, find the right words in a discussion or avoid to have a sugar craving after dinner. I want to read this book to activate untapped brain energy to work smarter and think faster.

Changing the Food Game – Lucas Simons

To be honest, I want to read this book to prepare for a podcast interview with the author after the summer holidays. Lucas Simons is the owner of different companies and in his book he describes what needs to be done to feed 10 billion people in 2050. This requires the food game to change.

De Cyclus – John Schrederhof

A friend of mine gave me this beautiful little (digital) book which is only available in Dutch and I found out that it’s not available for sale or for download at all! The book describes the cycle of life where eastern and western philosophies meet. It talks about desires and how to realize them, about communication (when to speak, when not to speak and how to listen). Then the book also explains how to use character strengths in the cycle to be more effective and more in line with the cycle. Since I work a lot with character strengths, I am looking forward learning more about how to use them effectively in line with life.

Vagabonding – Rolf Potts

I love to travel and this book was recommended to me as it describes a life where you can travel more with little money. It’s an audio book and I will listen to it on my next leg of my journey.

Only non-fiction? No, I just finished listening to the “The Graveyard Book” by Neil Gaiman. It’s a beautiful story about a boy who grows up in a graveyard and lives with the ghosts. It’s excellently narrated by the Author himself. Very entertaining and I love the old English words and names of the characters.

Furthermore we’ve been listening in the car to the first 3 audiobooks of Harry Potter by J.K. Rowling. Highly recommended!

What are you going to read this summer? What are you reading or have you just read? Please let me know in the comment box below. I am looking forward reading from you!

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Daniela Razocher
8 August 2017 14:30

Nice list! I’m going back to body nerd books this summer. My reading list includes:
Somatic Reality by Stanley Keleman
Intelligence in the flesh by Gy Claxton
Stress, ein Nahrungsmittel by Urs Willmann
and finishing the novel Beetlebone by Kevin Barry during my Ireland holiday.