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Living your WHY can be challenging, especially soon after you’ve discovered your own WHY. In this article, I am giving you several ways on how to overcome these challenges like the fear of failure or change. Then you can start living life with more joy and self-confidence.

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The other day, I was talking with my friend Marius about the reasons why people are not living their WHY.

Your WHY is your contribution with a certain impact on the world. It is not something that can be created. It is merely something to be discovered since it is formed in your teenage years. For more information on how to find your WHY, read this article.

I wish for you to live your WHY to experience more fulfillment, joy, and love. In this article, I am writing about possible challenges you might face in living your WHY, and I am giving you some tips on how to overcome these challenges.

Inner change

If you discover your WHY later on in your life, you might be excited at first. But as you reflect on what you’re doing right now, you might find out that that this is not in line with your newly discovered WHY. You then realize that you need to make decisions to change things in life. Something you are comfortable with and are accustomed to. They have become habits that are difficult to change, so why bother living your WHY?


Failure is one of the biggest fears of man. Chances are that you might fail in living your WHY. You might lose relationships, work, and income.


Next to failure, success is also one of the biggest fears of man. What will happen when you become very successful living your WHY? It might be possible that you won’t be able to reproduce this success. Then what? It is then safer to do nothing, right


It is also possible that people refrain from living their WHY because of what other people might say about it. Perhaps they will ridicule you or even break all ties with you.

Outer change

My WHY is “to serve by facilitating so that others can elevate themselves and experience more happiness and love.”

I do this by helping people to discover their spark of joy & to express it. Working with groups or in one on one sessions is how I am living my WHY to the fullest.

But now, with the fear of transferring the Coronavirus, all of my sessions have been canceled. It has become a challenge in living my WHY since I can no longer work with people.

How to overcome these challenges?

For most, (re)discovering your WHY is a big break in life, an epiphany. It has many benefits (read this article on the benefits of living your WHY). But often, nothing happens because of one or more of the challenges mentioned above. How do you overcome the obstacles to start living your WHY? Here are some ways:

Take small steps

It is not necessary to quit your job, relationship, or to lose a lot of right now. I would fear these significant changes as well. Take a decision and start with small steps. Check out what jobs are available at the moment, what courses you can take, if counseling is possible, and refrain from snacking in between meals.

Do things from your WHAT list

Make a list of the things WHAT you might do, which is are line with your WHY. Since it is currently not possible for me to do teambuilding sessions or communication trainings, I can still do other things where I do not physically meet people.  Examples are to write blogs, record podcasts/vlogs, have virtual meetings with groups, clients, and friends. Also, I love to learn new things. I finally have more time to read books and follow (finish) online courses. With this knowledge, I can live my WHY more.

Inform your environment

Tell your family, your colleagues, and your partners about your WHY. Also, inform them what you plan to do to live your WHY more. The chances are that they will be enthusiastic for you. They will give you new ideas or help you to figure out what would be smart to do (and whatnot). Once you have support from your environment, then it will be easier to live your WHY.

Repeat daily your WHY

Last week was challenging for me. By repeating my WHY daily, I experienced more joy, more trust, and more self-confidence to take charge, come into action, and to do the things that give me energy rather than feeling down.

Do you want that as well? Discover your own WHY statement or the one of your organization! Contact me or check out this page for more information!

How do you overcome challenges to live your WHY? Let me know in the comment field below. The other readers of this article and I are looking forward to reading from you!

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