About me

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Freek Zilvold

My WHY: I facilitate so that others can elevate themselves and experience love.

My current MISSION: I help people to discover the spark of joy & express it!

My VISION: People who live in love


I support engineers and technical professionals. They have an important role in this world as they help to create amazing, functional and beautiful structures. I have seen brilliant engineers struggle to find out what they want to do and to express themselves. This costs a lot of energy and this is often a waste of time. I support them in different ways so they discover their personal goals & strengths to use time and energy more efficiently.

I believe that every engineer has a talent in their field. They have the initial capacity to communicate clearly what they want in life, both professionally and personally. Sometimes they need help to discover those qualities themselves. By listening, training, coaching and mentoring I support engineers to be more successful, efficient, confident and happy. I am convinced that there’s more than calculations and modeling in the life of an engineer.

I have worked as a project engineer and a manager at an engineering company for 15 years and I have been involved in projects around the world.

In 2014 I have successful completed a course on professional coaching accredited based on the guidelines as set by the EQA (European Quality Award) of the EMMC (European Mentoring & Coaching Council). In the Netherlands, I am affiliated with the NOBCO (Nederlandse Orde van Beroepscoaches). As a professional coach, I am constantly learning new techniques by following courses & seminars to be of better value for my clients.

I am a practical coach & trainer I and can give easy steps to support engineers & technical professionals with their challenges and questions in their career, business and life.

I am taking my clients to a place where they are more energetic, certain of themselves and where they enjoy life more by performing better at their job and at home while using their own character strenghts.

How do I work?

In my coaching sessions, I help my clients to discover what their qualities are or what is holding them back in their personal development, career and private life.  Career planning, outplacement and leadership development can be part of the sessions. Also, I help people find their personal mission. It’s my experience that because of a mission, people find a direction and that they stand in life with more confidence and joy. Thanks to my technical background, I work practical, methodical and rational. I combine this with a strong developed intuition to use the right tools and models in coaching.

I coach in Dutch, English, French or German and sessions can be face-to-face, via phone, Skype or while biking (to work).

What can I do more?

I train and give workshops on teambuilding, networking, to create a businessplan or a careerplan using the business model You® Canvas. Also I can help you and your team with brainstorm sessions, to define a company vision/, -mission, giving feedback and by facilitating a team meeting. I am certified DISC® trainer for better communication within a team.

More about me!

I am the father of 3 sons, I travel a lot with my family and write blogs (both in English and Dutch).

What causes do I currently support?

Watsi is a nonprofit healthcare crowdsourcing platform that enables individual donors to directly fund medical care for individuals in developing countries without access to affordable medical care. What I like about Watsi is that it is completely transparant and that you’re well informed about the progress of the individual you’re supporting. For more information or to support this cause as well, click on the banner below.


I also support Casper. He is a professor at the Erasmus MC (University Medical Center Rotterdam) and a specialist in pancreatic cancer. Did you know that this type of cancer is one of the most aggressive cancers currently known? He and his team are innovators in virology since they are creating viruses which attack these tumors in the pancreas. It’s a challenging quest which needs a lot more research. For more information or to support this cause as well, click on the banner below.