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Summary: This is an article with all my favorite episodes of podcasts of last couple of years. It will help you to learn and get insights in on various topics including communication, entrepreneurship and work-life balance.

“Do you know a good Podcast to listen to, Freek?”

This is a question people often ask me. In a previous article I listed 10 shows which I listen to. That was in 2016! Since then I’ve listened to many podcast while driving, jogging, biking or flying.

With so many shows available online, which one should you listen to?

This article lists my most favorite episodes from Podcast shows to help you get more learnings and insights in the field of communication, entrepreneurship, business, purpose, leadership, relationships or sales. They will help to inspire you and to motivate you. Some will make you laugh aloud and some will cause a tear in your eye.

For each episode, there a short description of the podcast and a reason why I think you should listen to it. Also, I included the duration of the show (varying from 5 minutes to 2 hours). I also included a You Tube Talk and some Audio books (for purchase).

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Title Tips and gifts on iTunes
Show Akimbo
Featuring Seth Godin
Description I just discovered this Podcast from Seth Godin called Akimbo. This first episode I listened to is about the art of tipping and how it tells a story about ourselves. It really helped me to be more gracious and why.
Duration 26 minutes
Tags #inspiration, #nonprofit, #tips, #donation
Title Coincidence and grilled cheese on iTunes
Show Akimbo
Featuring Seth Godin
Description Do you believe in coincidence? This podcast by Seth Godin makes you aware of coincidence and how you can influence coincidence
Duration 24 minutes
Tags #inspiration, #nonprofit, #coincidence
Title How to relate to people (customers, partners, Bosses, Loved Ones and Cops) on iTunes & Stitcher
Show James Altucher show
Featuring Joey Coleman
Description This show gives you a great technique on how to communicate with others when you’re in a difficult situation at work, at home or when you’re stopped by the police. If you’re really into customer service, buy his book on how never to lose a customer again! It’s on my reading list…
Duration 1 hour & 41 minutes
Tags #Customer, #service, #laugh, #influence, #legislation, #presentation, #relationships
Title Own the Day, Own Your Life on iTunes & Stitcher
Show Tim Ferriss show
Featuring Aubrey Marcus
Description I am a fan of the Tim Ferriss show. Every morning I have my own morning routine but Aubrey teaches you a complete new routines by e.g. dancing (alone). I still have to try this. The Podcast motivates me to be in charge of my life in different areas. He wrote a book and this is on my reading list as well…
Duration 1 hour & 28 minutes
Tags #health, #motivation, #relationships, #sex, #food, #learning, #dance
Title How to Think 10x Bigger on iTunes & Stitcher
Show Tim Ferriss show
Featuring Astro Teller, CEO of X
Description 17 minutes
Duration This is one of the (rare) shorter episodes of the Tim Ferriss show. Listen to this one to motivate you to think bigger (and how).
Tags #10X, #entrepreneurship, #choices, #thinkbig, #context
Title The Master of Second Chances on iTunes & Stitcher
Show Tim Ferriss show
Featuring Catherine Hoke
Description This long episode is ideal for a road trip. It resonates because I used to work with inmates too and Catherine hoke tells a very touching story about inmates who can finally let go of the past, forgive themselves and move on to be successful parents and entrepreneurs.
Duration 1 hour & 28 minutes
Tags #probation, #motivation, #theline, #prisoners, #enrepreneurs, #letgo, #forgive, #secondchance
Title How to Be the Jedi Master of Overcoming Stress on iTunes & Souncloud
Show The School of Greatness
Featuring Chris Lee
Description So many people are just stressed out. Are you? This episode will help you to become aware of where you are and helps you to deal with negative triggers. It helps you to stay neutral like…Yoda (“Adventure. Excitement. A Jedi craves not these things.”)
Duration 47 minutes
Tags #stress, #balance, #jedimaster, #burnout, #truth, #neutral, #triggers
Title Make Your Brand the Best In the World on iTunes & Souncloud
Show The School of Greatness
Featuring Bozoma Saint John
Description What a story! This woman came from Africa to the United states and she tells you about her struggles in her personal and professional life. She tells you how she learned to give talks and presentations and how to deal with grief.
Duration 1 hour & 19 minutes
Tags #power, #inspiration, #grief, #presentation, #college, #connection, #anger, #branding
Title Overcome All Odds and Change the World on iTunes & Soundcloud
Show The School of Greatness
Featuring Les Brown
Description Les Brown is a great storyteller and tells you about the importance of telling stories (“Never make a point without a story, and never tell a story without a point.”)
Duration 1 hour & 23 minutes
Tags #talk, #storytelling, #believe, #coaching, #training
Title Become Superhuman and Achieve the Impossible on iTunes & Soundcloud
Show The School of Greatness
Featuring Iron Cowboy James Lawrence
Description Want to learn how never to give up and persist? Listen to this episode! I did some sprint triathlons a couple of years ago and this Podcast and the great documentary inspired me to start training again. This episode learned me not only to focus on the goal but also on the journey.
Duration 1 hour & 6 minutes
Tags #sport, #triathlon, #ironman, #persist, #goal, #parenting, #startover
Title The Happiness Equation on iTunes & Soundcloud
Show The School of Greatness
Featuring Mo Gawdat
Description Finally an episode with an engineer who tries to find out what the formula is to happiness after the loss of his son. I can’t imagine how it would feel to lose a child but this Podcast gave me a lot of inspiration on how to deal with grief and find happiness. The latter being an important theme in my life.
Duration 59 minutes
Tags #engineer, #happiness, #grief, #motivation, #emotional
Title Love, Wealth, and Success on iTunes & Soundcloud
Show The School of Greatness (Five Minute Friday)
Featuring Lewis Howes
Description I remember exactly where I was when I was listening to this episode. It’s only 6 minutes long and it touched me deeply since this parable helped me to refocus on what’s important in life. If you can’t decide on what Podcast to listen to, listen to this one!
Duration 6 minutes
Tags #parable, #perspective, #family, #love, #wealth, #success
Title Masterclass Geluk on iTunes & Souncloud
Show De 100% Inspiratie Podcast (also English content available)
Featuring Guido Weijers
Description Guido Weijers is a famous Dutch comedian and in this episode of the 100% Inspiration Podcast (in Dutch!), Guido tells about his new theater show on happiness and the scientific approach to happiness.
Duration 1 hour & 34 minutes
Tags #Dutch, #Nederlands, #science, #happiness, #inspiration
Title Esther Crombag is blind en leidt een betekenisvol en gelukkig leven on iTunes & Souncloud
Show De 100% Inspiratie Podcast (also English content available)
Featuring Esther Crombag
Description In this episode Esther tells about her life as a blind person and how she fulfills her purpose. It helped me to appreciate the small things in life and her story is very touching.
Duration 53 minutes
Tags #Dutch, #Nederlands, #inspiration, #purpose, #opportunity
Title Wouter Truffino bewijst dat alles kan als je ‘gewoon doet’ on iTunes & Souncloud
Show De 100% Inspiratie Podcast
Featuring Wouter Truffino
Description Wouter is an engineer and realized that he did not have enough freedom to do what he wanted within the engineering firm where he worked at the time. He teaches that you can achieve anything by just doing.
Duration 43 minutes
Tags #Dutch, #Nederlands, #entrepreneur, #motivation, #inspiration, #engineer, #plan, #freedom, #action
Show Tony Robbins Podcast
Featuring General McChrystal and Chris Fussel
Description This is the best episode of the Tony Robbins Podcast where he interviews general McChrystal and Chris Fussel (former navy SEAL officer) talk about leadership. It was an eye opener for me to become aware how important it is to work well together and the importance to share information, regardless where you’re at in the chain of command.
Duration 1 hour & 32 minutes
Tags #leadership, #cooperation, #military, #bottomup, #teamwork, #empowerment, #influence, #effective, #success
Show Tony Robbins Podcast
Featuring Dan Heath
Description This amazing episode is with Dan Heath on breaking the script and delivering the experiences that really matter. It makes you aware of what they call “defining moments” and how they change us. Read more about this in their book The Power of Moments.
Duration 52 minutes
Tags #business, #experiences, #tools, #employees, #moments
Title A Higher Standard on iTunes
Show The Art of Charm
Featuring General Ann Dunwoody
Description I used to listen a lot to the Art of Charm. One of my favorite episodes is the one with General An Dunwoody. She is the first Female Four-Star General in America. She explains well how to deal with challenges and urges you to fix mistakes rather than walk by.
Duration 46 minutes
Tags #leadership, #mistakes, #standards, #diversity, #organization, #challenges,
Title Seven Lesser Known Laws of Leadership on iTunes & Stitcher
Show Masters of Scale
Featuring Mark Zuckerberg, Sam Altman, Mark Pincus and others
Description This is short episode and a summary of previous Podcasts with famous entrepreneurs including Mark Zuckerberg on Leadership. Just take action, don’t wait. Make everyone a CEO of a company to create accountability and listen while being silent.
Duration 10 minutes
Tags #Leadership, #lawsofleadership, #product, #customer, #action, #engineer, #CEO, #silence, #questions, #leaders, #balance, #manageexpectations, #team
Title Inner Guidance with on Soundcloud
Show Robert Scott Bell Show
Featuring Ann Archer
Description This Podcast is from 2016 and based on the book Inner Guidance by Ann Archer. I really enjoyed both the podcast and the book as Ann explains that you can lead your life more effectively, with more harmony, happiness and purpose through inner guidance.
Duration 1 hour & 24 minutes
Tags #innerguidance, #spirituality, #dreams, #meaning, #life, #choices, #pastlives

Zilvold Coaching & Training Blog favorite podcasts


Title Author Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie addresses Harvard’s Class of 2018 on YouTube
Featuring Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie
Description Although this is a You Tube video, you can easily listen to this one without watching it. This speech touched me as Chimamanda explained her way of being honest to herself. She talks about making decisions, about how to tell stories, about failure and how to deal with it and with procrastination.
Duration 26 minutes
Tags #inspiration, #choices, #truth, #selfdoubt, #value, #leadership, #example

Zilvold Coach


Title The Graveyard Book available on Audible
Featuring Neil Gaiman
Description If there’s ever going to be a film made of this book, I’m not going to watch it! It’s a very entertaining story with beautiful language about a boy who lives on a graveyard. I have enjoyed it so much that it’s worth hearing it again. Better not listen to this story when you’re driving alone in the dark…
Duration 8 hours and 24 minutes
Tags #fiction, #entertainment, #imagination, #roadtrip, #suspense
Title Find Your Why on Audible
Simon Sinek
Description I’ve written an article on how to find your why and it’s based on this book. It will help you to discover your own why, why you do things, why you get out of bed so that you can find more fulfillment and passion in your life.
Duration 4 hours & 56 minutes
Tags #WHY, #Purpose, #choices, #fulfillment
Title Illuminate: Ignite Change Through Speeches, Stories, Ceremonies, and Symbols on Audible
Featuring Nancy Duarte
Description I recently heard Nancy Duarte on a Podcast and I decided to listen to the book right away. It explains well how to tell stories. The book itself contains a lot of stories as well! Did you know why the Sun logo is still on the back of the Facebook building? Well…listen or read the book here.
Duration 7 hours & 38 minutes
Tags #leadership, #symbols, #speeches, #stories, #symbols
Title Nonviolent Communication: Create Your Life, Your Relationships, and Your World in Harmony with Your Values on Audible
Featuring Marshall Rosenberg
Description You always have a choice on how to react. Being aware of your own emotions and being aware of the other’s helps to communicate in a nonviolent way. One technique is just to ask what the other person would like in an ideal situation. If you’d rather read the book, go and get it here.
Duration 5 hours & 9 minutes
Tags #communication, #nonviolent, #learning, inspiration

20 podcasts, 1 YouTube Talk and 4 audio books

This was only a selection of my favorite Podcasts! I wanted to include more but I think this is enough for now. You can also listen to my own Engineer Podcast, both in Dutch and English.

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What is your own favorite episode from a Podcast or from the above list? Let me know in the comment box below. I, and other readers of this article look forward to read from you!

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