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More and more people and organizations have a WHY statement or are looking for one.
To inspire and help you find your own WHY, I’ve written another article for you with more examples of WHY statements from people and companies. It is a follow-up to my most read article from 2019 with examples of WHY statements.

A WHY statement is mainly about expressing your unique WHY or your life purpose. You can read how I look at the difference between a WHY, purpose, mission, and vision in this article.

A WHY statement consists of a contribution and its impact on the world.

There are several techniques to discover your WHY. The basis is how you serve and what character strengths, talents, or strengths you use for this.

I follow Simon Sinek’s technique, and you can read more about finding your WHY in this article.

A WHY, meaning can also be “your intention,” “your aim,” or “your longing.”

Personal Why statements

The following WHY statements are from people I have worked with or people I found on the internet.

“I make life easier, so there is more positive energy.”

“I give words to what is invisible through which we can move forward.”

“I help others use their potential so that they do those things that deserve to be seen.”

“I inspire people from Boring Language to a Good Story so that they can enjoy standing in front of an audience.”

“I support others to develop their inner beauty so that it can radiate to the world.”

“To help people get unstuck so they can do what they love to do.”

“To help others to become better in their own lives so they can find meaningful life & grow to whatever happens to them.”

“Connecting people openly and safely so that they can be themselves, get moving, and live their potential, and there is more energy, joy, and love in the world.”

“To create art so that everyone can discover their own inspiration, love, and greatness.”

“Inspire and guide people in discovering and developing their distinctive capacity to make the right choices for a happy, successful, and loving life.”

“To illustrate what is inside so that we can each connect to our extraordinary.”

“To guide people with the insights they need so that each one of us can experience our freedom.”

“To engage with people in meaningful ways, so that we connect with depth and live in a more fulfilled world.”

Simon Sinek’s WHY

“To inspire people to do the things that inspire them so that, together, each of us can change our world for the better.”


“I facilitate so that people can elevate themselves and experience more enthusiasm and love.”

Why statements of groups

Below are examples of Why statements from groups, companies, and organizations. The majority I found on the internet, but there are also statements that I have created myself based on what I found on the organization’s website.


“We help patients as much as possible so that they can live a rich and autonomous life.”


“We offer meaningful work to strengthen the social position of our employees and to increase the appreciation for their work.”


“We create innovative solutions that help our customers excel in sustainable milk production to feed the world.”


“We structure the creative process to realize positive change.”


“We spread stories to motivate and activate people.”

Refine your WHY Statement

Perhaps your WHY (or your organization’s) is similar to one of the above statements. That is possible and allowed. The difference is that your WHY statement awakes other feelings, emotions, and energy than the WHY of others.

The key to a WHY statement is that it is:

  • Clear and simple
  • Actionable
  • Focused on the effect you have on others
  • Expressed in affirmative language that resonates with you.
  • It should also be positive.

Discover your WHY or the one of your organization

Do you also want to discover your WHY so that you can work more purposefully, make better choices, and have the motivation to do those things that are in line with your WHY? Contact us today!

We help individuals and groups find their own WHY to be more effective, positive, and energetic.

What is your WHY or the one of your organization? Let us know in the comment field below. The other readers of this article. and we are looking forward to reading from you!

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Simon Sinek, “Find your WHY” *

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