Let’s Talk about…Emotions!

7 min read

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“What do you feel?” the coach asked. I often ask my clients that question, but now I was asked it. I felt a lot but found it hard to put into words.

“What emotion comes with this feeling?” the coach continued. I usually feel a lot and have little trouble expressing my emotions. This can be by crying, laughing (excessively), or getting angry. But today I did not know what I felt and what emotion was connected to that feeling.

Many of my clients, such as technicians, engineers, and managers of (care) departments, have difficulty expressing what they feel and what emotions are involved. Perhaps this is not measurable or manageable for these people. That is not surprising because there are around 34 thousand emotions. Then, try to name the right one.

This article is about feelings and emotions, which can help you deal with them more effectively at work and at home.

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