I wonder what life has to teach me today

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The other week I read a quote with a question: “Well, I wonder what life has to teach me today?”

I’ve been asking this to myself every morning after waking up and I realize that it makes me more relaxed and open to new possibilities.

With all the problems or challenges as I prefer to call them, like issues at work, financial worries or troubles at home, I could imagine that you would prefer to stay in bed all day. It’s not quite clear yet what will appear on your path and what’s ahead. By asking yourself what life has to teach you this day, getting out of bed (and getting into motion) might be easier.

Like being more relaxed to the upcoming challenges, I’ve noticed that this question makes me curious, creative, in charge and open to new things.

By being curious to what the day has to teach me, I have the feeling of being in control and that I decide on how to react to life’s challenges. It makes me aware of situations or how people interact with me, and what I have to learn from all this.

It changes my attitude from a being a victim to one who is on top of things. And it motivates me to try new creative ways of facing my challenges, since I am allowing life to teach me.

All in all, this question brings me in a larger state of consciousness and helps me to think in possibilities rather than limitations.

So, what has life to teach you in the upcoming days?

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