How to enjoy your work until retirement

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My late friend Elmo once told me “If you’re happy, stay that way. If not, move!”. These words are of great value to me and are of importance to enjoy your work until retirement.

There are a lot of professionals who just love what they’re doing. These include factory workmen, fieldworkers, draftsmen, engineers, cashiers and receptionists. They enjoy the repetition and the predictability of their tasks. They are happy and have no need to change or grow in their career. If you’re one of them, that’s fine. There’s no need to keep up with the Joneses.

But if you’re worried how to enjoy your work until retirement, I have 10 recommendations for you:

  1. Make a plan, set goals. These can be short term and long term. Envision where you’ll be, what you’ve achieved and what you’re doing once you’re retired. You’ll enjoy your work more when you know what has to be done to get there. Review and check your goals frequently.
  2. Use your character strengths. Some of my character strengths are creative, studious, enthusiasm and optimism. You’ll enjoy your work more if you’re able to use your character strengths because your energy will be drained if you’re forced to “act” a character the whole day. Do you want to have an idea what your character strengths are? Click here for a quick free test!
  3. Follow courses and learn new skills, preferably relevant to your line of work or to increase your fulfillment of life.
  4. Share knowledge and help your peers & co-workers, Volunteer! I love my job because every day (and even now!) I am able to share my expertise and help you grow. This is my mission in life and by doing so I experience fulfillment.
  5. Get coaching or mentoring: Coaching and mentoring can help you to define and stay on track with your goals and vision (see ad. 1). It helps you to identify behavior that stops you from enjoying your work or reaching your goals and it can help you to overcome these barriers by implementing your character strengths (see ad. 3) for example. A mentor can show or teach you how certain things can be done. This is different from a coach who actually helps you to learn.
  6. Network. Get to know new people (also within the organization you work for!). Share your experience and ask questions if you’re dealing with a challenge or want to know something. In my blog (in Dutch, English to follow soon!), I am giving you some valuable tips on how to network more effectively.
  7. See every day as an adventure with new challenges to grow and learn from. You’re actually welcoming new opportunities in life (see ad. 10).
  8. Read my blog on how find out what you’re good at or what you need to.
  9. Smile & have fun in what you love to do! You’ll notice that even a unpleasant task will be more enjoyable when you smile.
  10. Last, don’t forget to move, as Elmo said. Stay active and alert for new opportunities. How to do this? Listen carefully what others say, do or write. Be curious. There might be a hidden message for you.

What recommendation did you like best and what are yours on how to enjoy work until retirement? Let me know in the comment box below! Read here on how to comment and by commenting you’ll have the chance for a FREE session with me to start working on a custom fit plan to enjoy your work until retirement.

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Walter Van Noten
27 May 2016 21:54

I agree on everything. Networking and coaching are my weaker points. I like to do it alone…