How to deal with a missed opportunity

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I just 11082534_10206596890660250_3473309285254669029_nrealized that I missed an opportunity this weekend. An opportunity which could have changed my life big time. Until the end of the weekend I did didn’t see it coming and just this afternoon, “BAM!”, it hit me.

My first reaction was to feel miserable, insecure and angry. Not at someone else, but at myself. The offer sounded too good to be true and I hesitated.


After reflecting and calculating the pro’s and the con’s, the ROI (return of investment) and other (dis)advantages (after all I am an engineer…), I realized this opportunity could have made me bigger and could have enabled me to do even better what I believe I am good at: helping others help themselves.

Bummer…now what? I found the following thoughts do help me deal with a missed opportunity:

  1. No excuses. It seems that it does not help me to try to talk myself out of it . Excuses like “I could not have completed it successfully anyway”, “I didn’t have the time anyway” or “I can do without” do not help. They are a form of denial;
  2. Acknowledge the missed opportunity. Yes, I am kicking myself for not taking this opportunity right away. This has been a learning point for me. I take full responsibility for this missed chance to grow. Next time, I’ll know better;
  3. Listen to your inner intuition: If it felt right after seeing the opportunity, go and get it! In case the opportunity did turn out to be too good to be true, then there is always a creative way to deal with it (thought for another blog…). If the mind steps in when the opportunity arises (see ad. 1)), the opportunity is gone. And if it doesn’t feel right at the beginning, move right on and do not pass ad. 1) since this is a waste of time and energy;
  4. Opportunities are actually energies. These energies are all around. They may not be the same but you recognize them right away, they tickle you in the belly, they charm you, surprise you or even make you happy. This feeling is the announcement of an opportunity. Take them right away and deal with it or look for another (and again do not go to ad. 1));
  5. Keep your head up: Continue to scan the Horizon for opportunities. Get out there! This is actually, work: Learn a new skill, sign up for discussiongroups, network or contact someone who might just need your help. Before you know it, another opportunity arises.

And there it is. “Bling”, an email with a new opportunity just arrived…. Yes! I will take it! It is an opportunity to learn something new.

Do you recognize this? How do you deal with a missed opportunity? Please do tell me!

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