How to be nearly always happy

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happy_by_roaryseaI came across a survey which said that 52% of the participants nearly always feel happy. A long time ago, I used to tell to my friends that I was nearly always happy. This is still the case. Social Media is overwhelming us with tips and tricks on how to lead a happy life.

The other day I saw an article that said I should not use social media in order to be happy. And this was on social media!

On internet, there are many motivational podcasts, video’s, blogs and vlogs. Sometimes I have the feeling that it is imperative to be happy all the time. Is this true?

Although I am convinced that in essence, we are a happy entity, it is not always possible to express or feel this happiness.

Here are some of my insights on being nearly always happy:

First, accept the fact that you are not always happy. Especially when you did not get that job for which you worked so hard for, you failed, a loved one left you or when in some other crisis. Give yourself some time to be unhappy and to “cocoon”. Watch a movie, read a book, drink plenty of water and tea or just sleep. Sounds like an escape but it is important to mourn and feel unhappy. But….limit this time!

Also, I recommend you write a letter -to yourself- about the things that you’re unhappy about and add a paragraph about the things and people you’re grateful for.

Then, on a specific day (mark it on your agenda), you decide that life goes on and you do the things that makes you happy again. These can be working towards your goals, being with people who support and love you, enjoy your hobbies or work out. In an article I am giving you 100 ways to experience more joy and happiness in life.  

Another technique is to repeat an affirmation like “I am a happy being” or any other positive affirmation. Say or write this 15 times each day for at least 10 days.

The most important thing which makes me happy (again) is to do something for someone else without expecting something in return.

Do you think that you need to be happy all the time? Let me know and tell me your favorite technique, affirmation or video to help you to be nearly always happy. I will respond to your reaction!

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