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We often think more and longer about what did not go well than what went well. That’s too bad. By celebrating (your successes) you consciously enjoy the moment and you experience more satisfaction. It motivates you to take on the next challenge. This article gives you a way to sustainable celebrate your successes and achievements.

It was the last team-building workshop. I had done 4 workshops that day and I had given everything I had or this group. My voice was gone and during lunch, I did a power nap in the car to recharge.
The 20 participants stood around me. They clapped with their hands on their thighs and began to sing a familiar song. Something I had not taught them. I had never experienced anything like this before and I will never forget it. It made me quiet and gave me goosebumps on my arms while I put my hands on my heart.
This group had elevated themselves to something very powerful and the participants showed their gratitude by singing to me. The workshop was a success and was entirely in line with my Why.

Failure & Success

Last year, in addition to a few (personal) setbacks, I was able to experience many successes with colleagues. partners, friends and loved ones. It was my best year ever in business terms. I am very grateful for that.

Nevertheless, we tend to often stand still with what went wrong. and where we have failed What could be better and what we could have done more. That is too bad and not necessary.

Positive Memories

In the book “You were born to Speak” , Richard Newman writes about the importance of celebrating successes and accomplishments. By celebrating and reflecting on them, you create positive memories that give you strength. They can help you if you are faced with another challenge.

Richard Newman encourages you to celebrate your successes as children celebrate their joy. It is important to give yourself a positive reward after achieving success. A negative reward often has a bad effect on your health, your environment and your work. Just think about the effect of alcohol, little sleep (because you continue to celebrate all night), bad and (too) much food.

In this article, I tell you how you can celebrate your successes in a positive and sustainable way so that you can truly experience satisfaction. It also helps you to stay motivated. Some parts are from Richard Newman and some are from me.

Share your success

First thing after the last workshop, I called home and good friends to share my joy with them. I can’t always reach them, so I leave a message. I still have those messages (and the answers) and they help me when I am faced with a major challenge or need more confidence. You can also share your successes with others via social media.

Listen to music

Play your favorite high energy music. Set the volume to 10! On Spotify or YouTube, you only have to search for “Happy”, “High energy” or “motivation” music. Find below my favorite high energy music. Feel free to add your own uplifting songs!

Dance & Jump

What happens if children are surprised (for example, pizza for dinner …)? They jump up and down with joy! While you listen to your great music, go and jump. By jumping all kinds of endorphins (happiness hormones) are released. You also see many athletes jump before they start a competition. So, dance and jump like nobody sees you.

Hands up!

While you dance, put your hands in the air above your head. It is a sign of victory and celebration.

Shout “Yes”!

And when you are dancing and jumping with your hands in the air, shout loudly “Yes!”. Shout it loud. It must be convincing.

Go on!

Don’t linger too long in your success and celebration. Enjoy the moment, connect with others and be kind to yourself. Then proceed to your next goal. You then are in the best state to handle the following challenges, problems and obstacles.


The day after my workshops, training, presentations or coaching, I reflect. I write down what the essence of the activity was, the details, what I learned and what I can do differently next time. I regularly read through my reflections, especially when I am allowed to stand on a stage again. Do you want to learn to reflect (better)? Then read this and this article.

Celebrate more successes?

Chances are bigger to celebrate more successes if you live your Why. Your Why is your unique contribution and its effect upon the world. If you know that, it’s easier to choose those challenges that are in line with your Why. Do you want to learn more about your Why and making choices? Read this article!

How do you celebrate (success)? I and the other readers of this article are looking forward to reading from you!

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