Happiness is simple to GRasP

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A while ago, I heard a “Happiness Professor” on the radio. He talked about Happiness and how to find it. Apparently, it’s simple to grasp it. Huh?

First, you have to have Goals in life. Man wants to be doing things and be useful. If not, then everything stands still, and soon you feel dull, bored and depressed. To beat this, it’s good to have goals. There are numerous methods to define goals to find on internet and one of my articles gives you one of mine.

Furthermore, man also needs Recharge stations. These can be different for each of us. Recharge stations include a visit to a spa resort, hiking, sports, watch a movie, play music or read a book. I call this: “doing things for myself” and this includes drinking a cup of coffee somewhere or practice yoga.

Finally, the “Happiness Professor” mentions People. Be among people to experience happiness. This can be with friends, colleagues or family. Man is a social animal and can find happiness by being with others. With others you can discuss, you can learn and you can laugh.

One of my goals for 2017 is to meet someone new every day. Now I already have a Goal and People. I still need some Recharge stations. There are enough of them in my life. The “Happiness Professor” is right with his assertion that happiness is simple to grasp. Maybe we are being too difficult to find it.

What do you think and how do you find & experience happiness?Let me know in the comment box below. I am looking forward reading from you!

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