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Let me be honest with you. I often let myself get distracted.
I know I am a person who quickly becomes enthusiastic about the many new things that come my way. And yet, I can enjoy it when I’m in the flow and fully focused on a task. That gives me a lot of fulfillment, and I would like to experience that more. Does this sound familiar to you?

My wife is a master of focus. If she has a goal, she can commit herself 100% and not be distracted. I see more people doing this, and I envy them. In fact, I have been looking for something that could help me focus better. In this and this article, I wrote about how you can be more productive, and I have also written about procrastination.

Focus Aan / Uit Mark Tichgelaar

According to Mark, you shouldn’t do this because you will lose focus.
What you have to do is read, read, remember, remember.

So, this wasn’t a good way to defocus even though the cappuccino was dirt cheap …!

Why you should read this book

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