Details March Offer!

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As you have read in my blog, coaching can help you to advance in life and help you to take action. This month of March 2016 I have a:


for coaching.  This includes:

  • One on one session with a professional coach (in person in the Randstad or via Skype/telephone/Facetime);
  • My undivided attention and expertise;
  • My prepping and aftercare;
  • Support by phone (fair use);
  • Borrow my books;
  • An evaluation (sustainability) session after 6 months;
  • Access to my network of coaches, trainers and therapists.

Normally 6 sessions for E 950,-
This month only: E 750,-*

(that is 30% off!)
*Excluding VAT (21%), Valid if you sign up before March 31st, 2016.



Sign up by contacting me!