Caffè sospeso (English version)

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(Klik hier voor Nederlands)

I found this quote in the 2015 coaching calendar and of course this also applies to women.

A Caffè sospeso  means a ‘delayed coffee’. In some cities in Italy, you can order a cup of coffee and pay two: one for yourself and one forward for someone who can not afford it. The idea is to help that person. Recently, I was at a large coffee chain in Rotterdam central station and paid a cappuccino ahead. “For the man behind you?” Evelyn, the barista, asked me. She was allowed to decide this for herself . The goal is that this cup of coffee is of benefit to the other.

The coaching calendar suggest us to take this a step further. Why do we not do this for other things aswell? Why not pay for two books or pay for an extra coaching session? I think this is a great idea! Becoming successful by giving. What would you do?

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