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images (1)Recently, I went to an Open Circles event and got a few tips to boost your LinkedIn profile. They are so simple and you can make some big changes in just 10 minutes. I’ve narrowed them down to 10 tips. Here’s how:

1)Profile picture

Make sure that you have a recent and resembling profile picture.istock_pirate_parrot Your audience wants to see a face they can recognize when meeting irl (in real life). A face only. Avoid having a distraction in the picture such as a parrot on your shoulder or you doing something very impressive (sporting or working).


2)Your professional headline

Just right of your picture and below your name, you can add a short description of your current activities. Keep it short, simple and comprehensive. Avoid using jargon like “CRF coordinator within the CDC”. Just write what you do. In my description I added a star ★ to attract more attention to this field. You’re free to copy and paste it into your own description.

3)LinkedIn public profile URL

Your standard public profile URL will most likely be a random number like: (dummy). Within LinkedIn you can customize this to your name or anything else to brand yourself even better . Mine is


In the summary, welcome visitors to your profile and tell them briefly what you do and how you can help. Show your visitors what you can do for them. Furthermore, include a “call to action”; invite them to contact you, sign up for a newsletter or visit your website and read your blog.


Relevance applies to various fields within your profile. Keep in mind that you want to show what is relevant in what you do and how you know what you do. In my original LinkedIn profile I  had listed 7 different functions with my previous employer. I have narrowed them down to 2, so my profile is more focused on what I do now.


As for education, please ensure to show what and how you’ve learned for what you do nowppa964c0cc_02.  I have refrained to mention that I am a certified to operate a chainsaw in both Germany and the Netherlands. This does not really show that I know what I do now. Relevance to what you do now applies as well for awards, honors and other certifications. Check them to your current activities before posting them.



This is a field underestimated by many. Here you can enter what you’re hobbies are and what you like to do next to working. You can also add what your specific interests are
downloadprofessionally. It’s actually a great help with networking. When you meet someone irl you can start your conversation with (shared) interests. It’s helps to break the ice. I am an advanced diver and I like to share diving experiences with another diver before or after a business-meeting.



Nowadays, posting a video or a video-log (vlog) on LinkedIn is a good tool to present yourself. People see you, hear you and have a better feeling of what you do and how you do it. This might help to persuade future clients to do business with you.


Your best clients are your ambassadors. They can promote your business. Invite them to write a recommendation on LinkedIn after a successful business transaction. Please make sure that recommendations are relevant and genuine. Avoid posting a recommendation from your spouse, partner or buddy from school.


Make sure to add yourself to a group of LinkedIn members who share the same interests as you do an can have an added value to your business. You might want to follow fellow alumni from your university or the newest trends in your line of business.

I am sure that there exists many more tips and tricks to boost your linkedIn profile. One thing is to update your profile regularly since I am sure you’re doing things worth showing and sharing. What are your tips? What works and what didn’t? I am am looking forward to your comments.

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