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I know many people who are very ambitious in their life. I am not. At least, I thought I was not because I was not achieving the goals like others. Ambition did not feel right. I rejected it because I thought ambitious people were obsessed with becoming successful at all costs, including relationships and health.

There is no lack of motivation for me to reach my goals, live my WHY, and serve life. It’s easy to motivate myself by elevating my mindset.

Motivation = Ambition + Action

In a Podcast by Brendon Burchard, he explains that motivation is ambition + action. Since motivation is easy for me, I should have ambition!

Ambition is a desire to grow

Also, I heard that Ambition is a desire to grow. This resonates with me because I do have the desire to learn and to communicate better. I want to be a better trainer, coach, husband, and father. I have the desire to improve physically, mentally, and spiritually. So yes, I am ambitious!

In the podcast, Brendon Burchard explains that self-care is very important if you want to be motivated, ambitious, and take action.

This blog will help you be more awake and motivated for your goals in life. It includes the M.E.D.S. from Brendon Burchard and how I use them for my self-care.


Meditation has become more common in the last 20 years, and many tools are available, like the app Headspace. Meditation can help you to focus and clear your mind. Since I believe meditation is passive, I contemplate. A spiritual exercise is the base of my contemplations. Often, I start with a visualization, and I go from there for a deeper understanding of why I have certain experiences in life or what I need to do to grow and reach my goals. During my contemplations, I sing an ancient Mantra called HU. It opens my heart to divine love and to establish clear communication between me and the universal power. If you want to hear or try the HU, please visit:


As you perhaps may know, I am training to run a Marathon. The training program I am following helps me prepare for this challenge. Nearly every day, I run, and I love it! It clears my head; my body is full of oxygen and energy. Since I run, I feel fit and am more awake and present. Exercising helps me so much in living my purpose, my WHY, and serving life.


If you want to be more motivated, then you have to watch your diet. The key is moderation and finding out what foods are good for you and which foods you have to avoid. If I eat too much chocolate, I feel groggy in the morning, and my runs are sluggish. I don’t drink because of a medical condition and because it clouds my dreams.


At night my body needs to rest because of my daily runs and work. I sleep better since I run. I feel that my body needs to recover. And when I can’t sleep because I am too excited, I assure myself that my body is resting even when I am awake. Also, block breathing (breathe in for five seconds, hold your breath for five seconds, breathe out for five seconds, hold your breath for five seconds again, and repeat this for two minutes) helps me to fall asleep fast.

These are the four key ingredients of self-care for more motivation and ambition. There are two more:


Are you motivated by people who only criticize you or only see obstacles? I am not. If you want to be motivated, make sure that you have people around you who support you and care about you. That does not mean that things must be harmonious all the time. If you can deal with conflicts, communication with others is better, and you’ll be more motivated to reach your goals (with others). For me, it is important to be grateful for your relationships. Acknowledge the people around you and call them from time to time to tell them you appreciate them.


The X-Factor are those unique things of self-care that help you grow and be more energized, optimistic, and motivated. I am not talking about drugs or alcohol, but they might be food supplements. The following X-factors work well for me:

-Coffee: Ideally, single-origin coffee from South America with some oat milk. Bulletproof coffee also does wonders.

-Green juice: I drink this when traveling or when my energy and immune levels are low.

-Water: A glass of fresh water refreshes me and heals me often from headaches.

If I take good care of myself, I feel fit, energetic, action-oriented, joyful, awake, and enthusiastic. It helps me live my purpose, life, and WHY better. It helps me to be motivated for the causes I care about.

The trick is to know your purpose, goals, and WHY and repeat them daily. This helps me stay focused on my goals with my enthusiasm, energy, and motivation.

Discover your WHY!

So start today to discover your WHY so that you can get motivated to live your WHY and reach the goals that align with yours.

Your unique WHY is your contribution that has an effect on the world. It is always positive and regenerative. You can find more information about a WHY session here:

->Readingtip: What does a WHY session look like?

I can help you discover your WHY and set goals that align with your WHY. Contact me for more information or a free intake session.

What makes you so ambitious in life? How do you care for yourself, so you are more motivated for your goals? Let me know in the comment field below. The other readers of this article. and I are looking forward to reading from you!

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How to Reignite Your Motivation, Motivation with Brendon Burchard (Podcast)

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