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I travel a lot for my work, go to beautiful venues, and meet wonderful people. During my journeys, I listen to many podcasts and energizing music.

Do you want to take notes as well while you are driving because the information from Podcasts is so valuable? What I do, is pause the playback and memorize what people say. But sometimes, I stop the car to make notes or write down when the podcaster says something important.

Another way to remember podcasts better is to write about them. This blog is about one of those Podcasts I want to remember. I am sure the content can help you too.
Lewis Howes lists in the Podcast “School of Greatness” ten habits of highly happy people. I am sharing them with you and my reflection on practices for more happiness.

Goal & Vision

If you want to experience more happiness, you must have a goal or a vision. Nothing makes me more unhappy than when it is unclear what to do. You don’t have to have to realize a big goal. Begin with small steps toward your goal. Having a goal or vision helps you be in the present, and you’re happy when you’re in the present. Read this blog about setting goals.

Healthy relationships

Someone recently told me it’s not about the content but the relationship. So, ask yourself what kind of relationship you want with your partner, co-workers, or children. How do you want to be treated? Treat them as you wish to be treated. That means you’ll have to deal with conflicts with others. Deal with them immediately because they can get bigger (and make you more unhappy) if you don’t address them. I still must learn more about how to deal with conflicts.

-> Readingtip: Make your Conflicts Productive!

In all cases, I ask myself the following questions when communicating with others: “Is it true? Is it kind? Is it necessary?”

You will reach higher and do more if you are surrounded by people who are truly happy to see you succeed.
—Vala Afshar

Be grateful

I experience that by being grateful, I acknowledge the gifts from others and the universe. It is a way to be open to more wonderful things and love. Before I go to bed, I think of three things I am grateful for. Better is to write them down and thank someone intensely for each gift you receive, no matter the size or value.

Positive mindset

Having a positive or “can do” mindset is not always easy, especially when things are not going the way you want them to. A positive mindset helps you to have a mindset where things are possible. It is a growth mindset. What helps me is to smile, even when things are not easy. What can help as well is to be optimistic.


Volunteering opens my heart. And when my heart opens, I experience more happiness, more love. This love radiates to the world. By volunteering, you serve and help others. I believe this is our core purpose in life. I volunteer in my church and Rugby Club, and I am a CPR volunteer. Volunteering is showing up for a greater cause. Volunteering can also consist of small acts of kindness like helping someone with heavy luggage off the train or buying a caffè sospeso.

Take responsibility

When things don’t go your way, stop blaming others or being angry about the things you can not control. Take responsibility for your well-being and the well-being of others. Blaming others and arguing doesn’t make me happy. It causes me to stand still and to stay in the past. What makes me happy is making clear choices that help me further toward my goals and vision.

Don’t take things personally

This is a hard one for me. I once gave a workshop that everyone but one loved. That one critic confused me and made me uncertain and unhappy. Often, the (negative) feedback that resonates with me is a misunderstanding. What helps is to ask the other person to clarify what they mean. I then understand the other person’s situation better and have more empathy and compassion. If I become too unbalanced because of things I have taken too personally, I think of things I am grateful for.

Let go of regrets

Yes. I have made mistakes in life. I have been in situations that could have been avoided. It doesn’t make me happy to constantly think about these bad experiences and what I could have done better. There’s nothing that I can do now. What I try to do is to identify the lesson and make better decisions now. Writing down regrets helps me. Also, talking with a coach or cleric is greatly beneficial for letting go of regrets.


Yesterday, I played Rugby Touch again. Because of work, I did skip training for several weeks. Apart from a bad muscle ace, I feel wonderful. It was a good game, and I feel happy and energized. By exercising, oxygen pumps into the body, blood flows, and there’s energy. The energy that makes me happy.
I also exercise my mind and Soul by reading, listening (& remembering) Podcasts, and contemplating. My favorite spiritual exercise is the HU. It gives me peace, calm, joy, love, and overview so I can be joyful.

Stop the things that make you unhappy

That doesn’t mean you must quit your job or relationship that makes you unhappy. It means finding new ways to do your work and working with people that make you less unhappy.

Also, I avoid drinks and foods that are not good for me. I consciously ask my body if certain foods or drinks are good for me now. I feel better (thus happier) by avoiding certain foods and drinks. Next, I avoid movies, TV shows, or books that make me unhappy.

Do the things that make you happy

These are the things I love to do. I regularly go to an ecstatic dance evening. Next to exercising, dancing makes me extremely happy. The things that also make me happy are my character strengths or my core qualities. These are usually easy to do and generate flow. For me, that would be connecting with people, to organize events, loving and being loved, or just being kind.

Other habits of highly happy people

The above ten habits for highly happy people are from Lewis Howes. I have only two habits to add:


A good night’s sleep consists of eight hours for me. I feel dizzy and less happy if I do not sleep enough. I use earplugs and a mask if it’s too noisy or too bright in a room. Also, I avoid eating too much before going to bed. Again, the magic trick is to think of three things for which I am grateful. This helps me to fall asleep with a smile. By breathing calmly, I fall asleep faster (try “block breathing”).

Live your WHY

People who are very happy and have a fulfilling life, live their WHY. They are conscious of their contribution and their effect on the world. A WHY statement is generic, actionable, and always positive.

Do you want to discover your WHY? I can help you to discover yours. Contact me today for a free intake session.

Are you looking for more ways to experience happiness and joy in your life? In this blog, I have 100 more tips for you!

What are ways or habits that make you very happy? Let me know in the comment field below. The other readers of this article. and I are looking forward to reading from you!

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Lewis Howes, 10 Habits of highly effective people

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