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Last weekend I was visiting a dear friend. At one point, she said: “I hope that before I die, I will do something that I really enjoy.” That touched me deeply, and it even made me sad. Not just because she is a dear friend. Undoubtedly, many people out there have the same hopes for a dream job and do their current job just for the money.

Research has been done on the broad prosperity in the Netherlands (Sustainable Development Goal) and included research into the well-being of Dutch citizens. The research shows, among other things, that almost 80% of employees are satisfied with the work they do (SD8.2). That is good news. However, nearly 1.9 million emp[loyees were dissatisfied with their work in 2020.

An article in career vision (in Dutch) shows that 76% of respondents of a survey would like to take the next step in their career by 2022. Barriers they encounter are, for example, a lack of self-confidence or the question of whether a step is useful.

This article contains tips and tools to help you find a good job or even your dream job before you die.

Give yourself time to find a dream job

You don’t have to find your dream job tomorrow. If you commit too quickly to a new dream job now, there is a chance that you will be stuck with it for a longer time and that you will not see or be able to take other opportunities. Enjoy the process of finding your dream job and do your best. It turns out that successful people always try their best.

Find your talents

Many people don’t know what to do in their dream job and why. If it’s just to make money or to get rich, there’s a chance that the job and life will become boring. If you find a dream job to use your talents, character strengths, and strengths, you will experience more satisfaction and joy. Not sure what your character strengths or talents are? Then take the FREE assessment about character strengths or read this article to discover your strengths.

Find the right dream job for this moment and the future

The job market and conditions change over time. A friend of mine works in IT. In the 1990s, he had a lot of trouble finding a job. Then the demand for programmers increased. He was later able to find a good job with excellent benefits.

Look at trends in the job market to find out which sector has the jobs that match your talents, qualities, and strengths:

The site 80.000 hours (this is the number of hours you’ll spend working in a life) contains a lot of resources on finding your dream job. It helps to find a job that will fit you. It can help you make decisions in career planning and even has its own Podcast and you can get 1-1 advice. The best part is that it’s all FREE!

Dealing with uncertainty

Perhaps you (still) have many insecurities that are holding you back from finding a new dream job. All of your experiences can advise you on the risks of changing jobs (Is it worth it? Will I be able to do it? Will I earn less?). Mindset plays a very important role in changes, and courage can help you further.

follow your heart

If you follow your heart, it will be easier to find that dream job. That doesn’t mean that you should or shouldn’t take a new job because it feels good. Also, be sure that what you started or promised in your previous job has been completed well. Be aware that you have learned all (life) lessons there. Take time to reflect or do this exercise to find out what you are good at or need to do.

Take action

You don’t have to find your dream job tomorrow. What you can do is take one small step into action today by further investigating one of the tips above for yourself. Your attention, enthusiasm, development, and love bring your job to life. Stick with a job (even when times are tough) until it has taught you everything it can teach you.

Do a WHY session

Your WHY is your contribution and its effect on the world. A WHY statement can help you find your dream job because you immediately see and feel whether a certain job and activities fit with your WHY. Your WHY is different from your purpose, vision, and mission.

We can help you as a partner to discover your WHY. Read this article on finding your WHY, this article on what a WHY session looks like, or this article with 16 reasons why you should NOT find your WHY. It is better to contact us immediately for a FREE introduction session by clicking on the link below:

What is your dream job? How do you find it, or how did you find it? Let me know in the comment field below. The other readers of this article. and I are looking forward to reading from you!

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