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Voor Nederlands, klik hier.

Finally, here is my 2022 summer reading list!

I missed providing you with a reading list for 2021 after my 2020 summer reading list and my 2019 summer reading list.

Soon, I will be enjoying a vacation with my family, and I’ve packed the 5 books (Dutch and English) below to read in between traveling, hiking, and sightseeing.

For each book, I tell you how it got on my path and why I will read it.

Partnering by Jean Oelwang

Jean Oelwang is featured on the podcast “A Little bit of Optimism” with Simon Sinek. She runs the philanthropic organization Virgin Unite and discovered something special about the successful relationships between co-workers. It is more than working together, it is forging partnerships. Partnerships that lead to more fulfillment and help people become better versions of themselves. You can never do everything by yourself. You need others, friends, and partners to succeed.

I am eager to read “Partnering” to learn about forming deep and meaningful relationships (‘hyperconnections’, as Jean Oelwang, calls them), but I must wait until my wife reads the book first.

De Zeven Vinkjes by Joris Luyendijk

I admit to having never read anything by the Dutch journalist Joris Luyendijk.

De Zeven Vinkjes (freely translated into “The Seven Checkmarks”) was discussed widely in The Netherlands last year. Joris Luyendijk did research on how some people (men) in The Netherlands easily have success in their life and career without any major challenges like discrimination, rejection, or the need to adapt. He has identified seven ‘checkmarks’ for men like himself to boss others around.

We will discuss this book at the next YOMU! book club meeting, and I hope to learn more about this bias and reflect on my own privileged position. By the way, I do not have all the checkmarks…

De kracht van Keuze by Kelly Weekers

With my friend, sparring partner, and business partner, Marius van Vlijmen we help people or organizations to make powerful decisions. When I saw this book in the bookstore a few months ago, I had to buy it since the freely translated title in English is “The Power of Choice,” and it’s currently only available in Dutch. Kelly Weekers is a psychologist and business coach. I heard her speak at an event recently, and she made me even more curious to learn more about how you can make decisions in your life, which are the right ones, helpful and positive ones.

From Strength to Strength by Arthur C. Brooks

I am not sure how this book came to me. I think it was recommended on another reading list (Adam Grant has excellent book tips. Check out his timeline on Twitter).

Arthur C. Brooks is a social scientist and professor at Harvard. He has his own podcast, “The Art of Happiness”.

In his latest book, “From Strength to Strength”, he explains how you can still find purpose in your life at a later age or after retirement.

Did you know that the great scientist Charles Darwin died with the conviction that his career was a disappointment? Although he worked hard and succeeded, he was convinced he was a failure. He missed a purpose after publishing his famous book “On the Origin of Species”.

Since I help individuals and organizations to find their WHY, this book appealed to me. I hope to discover more about how to find your purpose, especially in the second half of your life. There’s also a workbook available to go along with the book.

‘t Hooge Nest by Roxane van Iperen

In the Dutch podcast “The Zelfspodcast” Roxane van Iperen was a guest. The Dutch book (freely translated into “The High Nest”) was mentioned shortly. I did not know Roxane van Iperen. Next to being a lawyer, and publicist, she is also an excellent researcher and writer. I went to the library and borrowed a copy to read more about the history of her house and how it played an important role in the Dutch resistance during the Second World War.

Wish list

Then there are two more books that are on my wish list. I will read them after I am done with my summer reading list

Band of Brothers by Stephen E. Ambrose

The book is the basis of the television mini-series “Band of Brothers” that came out in 2021. All 10 episodes are discussed in the Dutch Podcast “Alle Geschiedenis Ooit,” and I discovered things I never saw in the 3 times that I watched the series. Things like why many men from Easy Company lost their weapons after the landing on D Day. It intrigued me, and I am curious to learn more about Easy Company and its leadership.

Conflict & polarisatie by Frank Weijers

Frank Weijers was interviewed in the Dutch podcast “Over spreken gesproken Podcast” with Glenn Vergoossen. Frank Weijers propagates a dialogue over a debate and explains in the podcast how Deep Democracy works towards better communication between team members in conflict. There it is important that every member is being heard. He explains how to check in at the start of a meeting and how to check out afterward.

At one point, he states that there can be only harmony when you can deal with conflicts. That resonates with me since harmony is one of my strengths, and I wish to learn more about how to deal with conflicts. The book includes interventions on how to create connections when there are conflicts or when there is polarization.

What are you reading, or which books do you plan to read this summer? Let me know in the comment field below. The other readers of this article. and I are looking forward to reading from you!

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