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During a session to refine Sheila’s (not her real name) WHY, she mentioned an interesting benefit of her WHY. I was unaware of this advantage, and it inspired me to look for other reasons to discover your WHY.

What is a WHY again?

Your WHY or the one of your organization is unique, positive, and regenerative. Your WHY is your contribution and the impact it has on the world. Examples of WHY statements can be found here and here. You can never accomplish your WHY like a goal since it is comparable to a tool, a compass. It helps you to achieve goals or visions. Please read this article about how I see the difference between a purpose, mission, and vision.

Next to giving you ten reasons to find or discover your WHY, this blog shows you how your WHY can help you in daily life.

1. It motivates and inspires you

Sheila told me that thinking of her WHY motivates her to come out of bed in the morning. I tried it, and it works! It fills me with energy and excitement to discover what life going to teach me that day. It motivates to success. Simon Sinek writes the reason to find your WHY is so you can act on it. Saying my WHY aloud inspires me to come into action and do the things I am passionate about.

If you have a hard time getting out of bed, think about your WHY or your purpose. It will be the strongest coffee you’ll taste in the morning!

2. Help to make decisions in your life

Daily we are faced with about 35.000 decisions. That is about one decision every two seconds when you are awake. I see that this leads to “choice overload” for some people.

By checking your own WHY against your choices or decisions (please read this article to find out the difference between a choice and a decision), you experience more clarity, balance, and calmness.

When you decide, you can ask yourself, “Does this choice help me/us move closer to living in alignment with my/our WHY or not?” Then act accordingly.

3. It makes you (and others) feel better

Like the fact that your WHY helps you get out of bed, it can help you to feel better. This is because your WHY is based on feelings and emotions.

By saying your WHY aloud or in silence to yourself, you feel those positive emotions and feelings you felt when you were at your best.

My WHY gives me self-confidence and makes me brave when I am suffering from anxiety or must do something challenging, like standing in front of a large crowd.

I am enthusiastic about what I do because my WHY drives me when I am in flow. People recognize this and want to be part of this flow as it makes them feel better and inspired.

4. It is fun!

A WHY discovery session is not a typical coaching session or therapy. It gives direction and clarity in your professional career or private life areas. The many sessions I facilitated included tears of joy and laughter. People had an “Aha!” experience and discovered what to do and choose when we got deep into their stories.

More important, living your WHY makes life more fun and pleasurable. It helps you see beauty in life, even in dull moments. You do not get distracted by the drama in life since you are proactive, contributing, and creative (see number 5).

5. You become more creative!

As I write all this down, I realize that using your WHY is like using a magic wand. Connecting with my WHY helps me whenever I face a challenge or a problem that needs to be solved. My mindset changes from a fixed mindset to a growth mindset (please read about how you can do that here). It connects me with a creative source to see possibilities, new products, services, and new options and find solutions for my problem or challenge.

6. You work on yourself (and you heal)

Your WHY is not created. It is based on past experiences. One part of the WHY discovery session is to make a lifeline where you note important events or experiences in your life. Those are the moments when you’re at your best and help you identify your strengths, values, and whatever you’re good at. You can download a lifeline here for FREE.

Some experiences might not be positive (such as a divorce/breakup, the death of a close one, abuse, or resignation). By talking about those experiences, you can also recognize your strengths, values, or character strengths. These insights can help you to see the bigger picture enabling you to let go and heal.

7. It makes you live life with integrity

By knowing who you are, what you are, and WHY you are, you are close to your core values and your core strengths and act consistently upon those. This makes you live life with integrity.

8. It helps you meet like-minded people

Your WHY is based on emotions and feelings. People will recognize (feel!) this when you talk to them about your WHY. It will attract new (and loyal) clients, partners, or co-workers and stimulate a feeling of connectedness. It will also clarify who will not be so much a match with you.

9. It is good for your health

People who live their WHY have a meaning or a purpose and have stronger physical and mental health than those who don’t. A long-term study shows those with a strong purpose in life (even after the age of retirement) live longer. For more, please read my article on living your Ikigai.

Where there is no vision, the people perish

— Proverbs 29:18

10. To be a better leader

When you are working on yourself and taking responsibility for your life by living your WHY, you show personal leadership. Leaders of large groups who make their WHY clear and act in line with their WHY will attract people who want to commit their cause, products, or services. Please read this article on being an authentic leader.

If you’re still not convinced to discover your own WHY or the one of your organization, you’ll probably recognize these 16 reasons NOT to discover your WHY.

We can help you find your WHY (or your team’s WHY) if you are convinced that your WHY can help you in daily life. Contact us today for more information on what a WHY session looks like or to get to know us.

What was the reason you started to look for your WHY or purpose? How does your WHY help you in daily life? Let me know in the comment field below. The other readers of this article. and I are looking forward to reading from you!

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Find Your WHY, Simon Sinek

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