The Benefits of a Follow-up Session

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This week I had a Follow-up session with Francis. We had completed a series of coaching sessions, half a year ago. A Follow-up session is a conversation and is part of the coaching program for all my clients. It is an evaluation of the sustainability of coaching. Of course, I am curious to know what is left from the coaching. But mainly I’m looking forward to find out how the coachee (client) is doing. Often we have worked intensively for a number of months and we have seen deep valleys and high peaks.

In this article I am giving you some benefits of a Follow-up session like the one with Francis. That is not her real name and I have permission to write about her case.


A Follow-up session helps to become aware of the changes that have occurred after the end of the coaching. Often, new character strenghts have been discovered and used to change certain behavior or limiting beliefs of the coachee. These character strengths help to achieve goals using inner strength.

During the session Francis told me that she had trouble remembering all her character strengths and to consciously use them, if necessary. Some of her character strengths are naturally present, others to a lesser extent. One of Francis’s strong character strength is helpfulness. She is also goal-oriented, efficient and a fast worker. During the conversation, Francis told me about her inclination to let everything happen as it does. To prevent her from lying passively on the couch, she could use her goal-oriented character strength.

Coaching session

Francis also told about her challenge with her choice to pursue a career switch and the possible resulting financial uncertainty. She is a computer programmer and would like to make furniture (carpenter).

In this session, Francis and I looked for options in case it would become difficult to make ends meet by making furniture. She had some ideas to generate income. This gives her peace of mind and assurance. Thus, the Follow-up session also became an additional coaching session.


A Follow-up session is not just a time to chat. The initial goal of coaching is repeated and the steps taken are identified. It is important to be conscious of the steps taken, to acknowledge them and to celebrate successes.


Francis had an internship at a furniture factory but it was not a success. She now knows what type of companies she prefers to work for. This week she’s contacting another company, where there was a good ‘click’. There was an opportunity for an internship she has to do in addition to her schooling for furniture manufacturing. Thus, the Follow-up session was also an encouragement to take a step to her ideal life. You don’t need to take any large steps, you can also succeed by taking small steps. You just have to take them!

Wake-up call

During a previous coaching session, Francis had made a collage (vision board) of her ideal life. This collage now sits in a drawer. I asked her what was displayed on her collage. When she told about it, her eyes started to shine. She remembered that she is very visual (pictures) and less auditory (sounds) or kinesthetic (feeling). For her, this realization was a wake-up call to view her collage more often and to say out loud what she is doing in her ideal life.

And so, this Follow-up session helped her to recognize her steps taken and remind her of her ideal life. Also, it was an encouragement to move on step by step in her journey.

What follow-up do you have to make sure you do take the next step and that coaching is sustainable? To insure that you commit to new routines to reach your goals? Please let me know in the comment box below. I am looking forward reading from you!

Would you also like to take advantage of a Follow-up session and do you want to know more how coaching can help you with your choices, next steps, challenges or limitations? Please contact me for a free intake!

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