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Are you less confident or actually a little stressed in the following situations too?

  • when doing a presentation or giving a talk
  • At networking events and walking up to strangers
  • Convincing others
  • When delivering some bad news to colleagues or clients
  • Calling a prospect (cold call)
  • When asking your manager for a raise or promotion

In this article I am sharing my personal favorite techniques to find more courage in dealing with tough situations like those mentioned above.


At a recent course I attended, the trainer asked for volunteers to share something we had been working on. I am not so keen on putting myself into a vulnerable situation or draw attention. I always get a little nervous, especially if no one is volunteering. I’ve learned over the years to go first and get it over with. So this time, I went first and shared my work. Afterwards, I feel full of energy, enthusiasm and courage.

Brian Tracy’s “Eat that Frog” is in line with this. Start the day first with the most challenging task and call that client, deliver the bad news or contact your boss to set an appointment to talk about your salary. Do this the first thing in the morning. You’ll see that the other tasks are easier to do even though you assumed you needed more courage for them.


Before every presentation or talk I go to the bathroom and look into the mirror. I lift my hands above my head like a champion, I smile and say “I like myself”. It’s my way of ‘priming’ and besides feeling more confident, I am more joyful. Something the audience picks up as soon as I enter on stage.

In my previous article, I wrote about an appreciation list. Sometimes I check the notes of appreciation and encouragements in this folder before doing a challenging task.


When I need some encouragement, I move, listen to music, dance or jump on the trampoline we have at home. Furthermore, I find it easier to make a difficult phone call walking around. When moving, I get into an active mindset, oxygen gets into my body and I am more focused on the now (body and the heart) instead in the head (fears/thoughts).


What would someone else do in your situation? This can be a role model you have in your life or at work. I still admire how my first boss could simplify difficult results of calculations in a simple table that everybody could understand. When I started doing that and it was easier to present my calculations and convince my clients. (Read this article with other techniques to convince others).


Keep the end in mind. Visualize how you would like to see the result of situation. In case of a presentation or a talk I would imagine people listening to me, laughing and giving me an applause afterwards. Also, be assured that this moment (of agony) will pass. Tomorrow, you’ll still be there and doing other great things.


Do something. The problem/issue/bad news will become bigger the longer you wait behind your desk. It will become more difficult to deal with each passing day and you’ll need more courage to face it. So take action!


Ask for HELP. You don’t have to walk that path alone! There are many others (colleagues & friends) who have walked it before and are more than willing to help you with your challenge at work or at home.


What do you do in times when you need some (extra) courage to deal with challenges? Let me know in the comment box below. I look forward reading from you!

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