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Summary: I really enjoy reading. In this article I tell you about the 7 most valuable books I read in 2018. Valuable in the sense of content, insights, new ways of thinking, clarifications, inspiration and sensible pastime (but those are mainly the 2 bonus books).

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Recently, a friend asked me where I found the time when I told her that I had started to read a new book. I told her that I made time for it and that I used every free moment to read at least 20 pages a day. I do that while I wait for a dentist appointment or in the tram. In the car I listen to Podcasts or audiobooks.

Why? I enjoy learning something new, to broaden my view of the world and I experience it as very relaxing. My son wanted to know if I could remember everything I read. To be honest, I don’t. I try to highlight in books as much as possible, I make summaries, write articles about them and talk to friends about them. That’s how I remember it better. I have also learned to leave books which I can’t get through in the bookcase (for the time being).

In 2018 I have read a number of books that have proved very valuable to me. This article is a short overview of the 7 (+2) most valuable books that I can recommend to you. check them out. At the end I might have a gift for you.

The invention of Nature (Andrea Wulf)

2019 is the 250th birth year (and the 160th year of death) of Alexander von Humboldt. A great adventurer, discoverer and scientist. He was convinced that everything in this world is connected with each other and created the “Naturgemälde”, an overview of all plants in relation to their surroundings of the Amazon. Von Humboldt is at the cradle of science that we now call ecology and in the 18th century he already predicted that man will have an influence on climate change. In this very complete work by Andrea Wolf, friends and contemporaries of Von Humboldt are also discussed such as Wolfgang von Goethe, Thomas Jefferson and Charles Darwin.

His 100th birthday was celebrated worldwide on September 14, 1869. I wonder how this man who has so much given to this world is commemorated in 2019.

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The Power of Full Engagement (Jim Loehr, Tony Schwartz, James E. Loehr)

It is not about time but about how you manage your energy. A book for people who struggle to find balance in the life between the physical, the emotional and the spiritual. And not only for those people who want to perform better at work but also in sports. Ideally suited for people who think they should only perform better and more in this life. That is possible too, but then you have to take breaks from time to time to recover.

Tags: #energymanagement #personal development

The Power of Moments (Heath Heath, Dan Heath)

power of moments book review blog zilvoldThere are many special moments in our lives. Just think of the day when you did your final exams, when you moved in together with your loved one, but also when you got a promotion or successfully completed a project. In this book Chip and Dan Heath discuss the characteristics in all special moments, for example elevation, pride, insight, connection and other moments. Only and together they create powerful moments. The result is a life with more joy, purpose, empathy and meaningful connections. It is up to you to create them. A summary of this book can be found here

Tags: #personaldevelopment #moments #creation

Illuminate (Nancy Duarte, Patti Sanchez)

I have heard this audiobook on one of my many trips. Did you know that on the back of the sign at Facebook headquarters is the name of the previous owner of the building (Sun Microsystems)? It reminds employees to stay motivated and shows what can happen if you are at the top and do not innovate. This book is about how you as a leader can communicate well to the outside world and your own employees. How do you announce reorganizations? How do you bid farewell to employees or business units and how do you celebrate new milestones in your organization? A must for managers who want to communicate better so that there is less fear in an organization where changes are going to take place.

Tags: #changemanagement #reorganization #leadership #communication

Find your WHY (Simon Sinek)

I struggled for a while with my purpose and how to communicate this well. This book was an important book for me and helped me a lot. It is a practical book with which you can work for yourself or your own organization to discover your unique why, your purpose. This makes it easier to make choices and you have more satisfaction and passion in your life and work. You can read a summary here.

Tags: #purpose #target #personal development #selfhelp #practical

Personal Development for Smart People (Steve Pavlina)

Perhaps one of the best books that I have read this year. No tips, techniques, psychological tricks to achieve something quickly. Actually, this is the basis of all books in the field of personal development and a “must-read” for coaches and trainers (and people who do not want to read all the self-help books out there). It is about becoming a conscious creator of life by having aspects such as truth, love, and power in line with achieving your goals in the areas of habits, health, finances, career, relationships and spirituality.

#personaldevelopment #growth #habits # health # finances #career #relations #spirituality

“What Do You Care What Other People Think?” (Richard Feynman)

The second part of the autobiography of the physicist and Nobel prize winner Richard P. Feynman. This book consists of stories about his travels, adventures and the love for his first wife who died too soon. He also talks about his experiences of his time in the presidential committee that investigated the explosion of the space shuttle Challenger. In addition to being very entertaining, this book makes us think about the freedom of thoughts that we have, that we should not have any fear of uncertainties, but that we should exchange thoughts about it. A must-read for scientists.

#autobiography #philosophy #NASA #physics #physicalengineering #science

Do you also read other books, Freek?

Yes of course! I am currently reading the exciting book “Origin” by Dan Brown. Once again, Professor Langdon is embroiled in an exciting adventure when his former student and friend is killed on the night he wants to make an important discovery public. A discovery that should answer the question “Where do I come from?” and “Where do I go?”. Who is responsible for his death? Is it the church, the king or someone else?

And last year I had a lot of the book “The Road to Spiritual Freedom” by Harold Klemp. In a world where we strive for connection, good relationships, financial freedom, goals, meaning, we often forget the spiritual aspect. This is elusive to many. What is spiritual freedom? Harold Klemp writes: “Spiritual freedom comes with the recognition that our freedom ends where our neighbor’s begins. And this line is called responsibility”.

Which books have you read that have proved valuable to you? Let me know in the comment field below. Me and the other readers of this article are looking forward to reading from you! The first person to respond receives the Personal Development for Smart People (Steve Pavlina) book for FREE.

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