5 Ways to Bring your WHY to Life

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Perhaps you have discovered your WHY just recently or already a while ago. This blog gives you five ways to make your WHY real so you can live your WHY.

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Your WHY is a positive, actionable statement reflecting your unique contribution and its impact on the world. It links strongly to emotions or feelings. That makes it so personal, even when your WHY statement is similar to someone else’s. You can find examples of WHY statements here.

This short article gives you five ways to awake your WHY. We all have habits, either by nature or by nurture. To start to live your WHY, you have to learn some new habits and let some old stubborn ones go. These five ways can support you live your WHY and be more purposeful and experience more joy and fulfillment.

Let your WHY sink in

Take some time after you have recently (re)discovered their WHY. Let your draft WHY statement sink in. Repeat it in your mind several times a day. Perhaps you want to refine it and change some words to reconnect even more with that joy or energy you have experienced earlier in your life. Often, people are very enthusiastic after rediscovering their WHY. Take some time to sit on it for about a week. You want to avoid to take hasty decisions and drastic changes in your life. Let your WHY sink in to let it become more clear for you.

Show your WHY

To become more aware of your WHY, you can put notes around the house/workplace displaying your WHY. You can put a post-it on your computer screen, on the mirror of your bathroom, or as a wallpaper on your phone. Write your WHY down in handwriting. That is more powerful.

Present your WHY

Begin by presenting your WHY by saying it out loud to friends & family at every opportunity. Next to saying your WHY aloud during a (Zoom)call, you can also present your WHY in emails or on your social media profile (Twitter, LinkedIn,..). Experience how it feels (and what happens next!) when you present your WHY.

Make decisions in line with your WHY

If you read more of my blogs, you might notice that I encourage you to make decisions that align with your WHY. Ask yourself how a certain road or decision is going to help you live your WHY. Doing so will also help you define goals for yourself.

Does it support me to have a certain contribution and an impact on the world?

That doesn’t mean that it should always make you feel happy and energetic. Sometimes you have to do something difficult to live your WHY. For example, I’m not too fond of acquisition. Contacting potential customers and going to online networking events do open doors for me to serve more and live my WHY.

Find your WHY symbol

You have a responsibility to live and share your WHY. Share it by presenting your WHY in conversations, but you can also wear it. You can find anything that symbolizes your WHY. A necklace, a keychain, a scarf, a tie, or certain shoes. Anything that helps you to remember your WHY. A symbol of a certain kind of color may help you too.

TOKI and picture by Toroa Aperahama
TOKI brought to this world by Toroa Aperahama

I have a necklace made by a Maori elder. It is a TOKI, and next to my WHY, it symbolizes my values in life. Whenever I wear or touch it, energy, joy, and confidence flow through me. It helps me to live and share my WHY.

Discover and live your WHY too!

In my articles, I try to help you see the benefits of discovering and living your true purpose through your WHY. Sometimes it is more helpful to have a one-on-one session to help you to ask the right questions and answer them to discover, refine or live your own unique WHY. Book a session by contacting me or clicking the button below!

How do you bring your WHY to life?/What do you do to live your WHY? Let me know in the comment field below. The other readers of this article. and I are looking forward to reading from you!

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Sources: “Live your WHY workshop” and “Find your WHY”, Simon Sinek

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