100 ways to experience more joy and happiness

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In this article, I will give you 100 different ways to experience more happiness and joy in life. That can come in handy if you’re not feeling well, or if you need a boost and motivation.

We all feel down sometimes and it is not always possible to be happy and joyful all day. That’s okay. I do believe that life is more enjoyable when we’re happy. Here are some ways to experience more joy and happiness in life:

  1. Smile (when you’re waking up)
  2. Listen (carefully)
  3. Read poetry aloud (this is one of my favorites)
  4. Sing
  5. Support a good cause (see mine in the about me section)
  6. Do what you’ve promised to do
  7. Work in a garden
  8. Smile again
  9. Watch this funny movie
  10. Give without expecting a reward
  11. Do sports (and stretch)
  12. Leave a note for someone you love or care about
  13. Surround yourself with people who support you, who are happy, who inspire you and who are positive
  14. Call an old friend to whom you haven’t spoken to for a while
  15. Pet an animal
  16. Stand with your feet in the ocean
  17. Write down three things for which you are grateful
  18. Walk bare feet on grass
  19. Pay it forward (caffè Sospeso)
  20. Know that you’re loved
  21. Listen to this song (or any of your favorite songs that makes you happy)
  22. Chant a love song
  23. Offer someone a hug instead of asking them how they are doing
  24. Meet friends and ask if they’ve had an enjoyable exciting or thrilling experience lately
  25. Watch & observe life, your surroundings, and people
  26. Meditate (or contemplate)
  27. Accept others as they are
  28. Have your own space
  29. Love yourself
  30. Offer help
  31. Enjoy your body (it’s the most magnificent instrument you have)
  32. Give (a stranger) a present
  33. Choose
  34. Do something good for others
  35. Set goals
  36. Have a positive attitude
  37. Watch this inspirational movie
  38. Take a day off for yourself (ME day!)
  39. Let go
  40. Show compassion
  41. Take action
  42. Write down your dreams
  43. Do what you love
  44. Practice kindness
  45. Take power naps
  46. Wish street workers a good meal at lunchtime
  47. Make music
  48. Clean yourself up (take a bath)
  49. Encourage others
  50. Be and stay curious
  51. Create
  52. Smile again
  53. Dance (the funky chicken)
  54. Make a plan (and stick to it)
  55. Have a purpose in life
  56. Imagine that at some point you went through the same situation as someone else
  57. Express what you want, feel and dream
  58. Be calm
  59. Clean, rearrange and throw out things which doesn’t make you happy anymore
  60. Learn new skills
  61. Be Authentic
  62. Go offline
  63. Wave and smile at a stranger
  64. Say ‘I am sorry.’
  65. Appreciate the little things. Honestly, say ‘Thank you.’
  66. Accept an ‘off-day’ and low moments. Don’t fight it and don’t plan difficult tasks at these times
  67. Be honest and sincere
  68. Remember compliments you receive
  69. Give from the heart
  70. Buy flowers (for yourself or someone else)
  71. Laugh (aloud)
  72. Respect others and their property
  73. Travel and get to know new people
  74. Be in the here and now (don’t worry about the past or the future)
  75. Go to a museum and watch only one piece of art
  76. Keep old love letters (and reread them occasionally)
  77. Eat, sleep and drink well
  78. Congratulate others with their achievements and successes (acknowledge them)
  79. Trust your self-empowerment. You can do it! (Whatever comes on your path, you have the creative abilities to deal with it)
  80. Trust your gut feeling (intuition)
  81. Use positive affirmations (to consciously strengthen a positive idea by repeating it often to yourself)
  82. Share
  83. Breathe
  84. Think before you speak
  85. Keep a journal
  86. Be content (be happy with what you have)
  87. Remember the good times
  88. Spread happiness
  89. Communicate openly
  90. Be aware of your successes and celebrate them
  91. Forgive
  92. Read books
  93. Write
  94. Watch this video
  95. Do something scary and outside of your comfort zone
  96. Again, smile
  97. Ask for help (dare to)
  98. Expect something good & exciting to happen today
  99. Give yourself a wrapped present
  100. Help me to complete this list. I know we can get up to 200 ways and more!

I am sure there are some ways in this list that can help you. Some are straightforward and some require more work. Do it consciously. Make sure you Bookmark This Page so you have some inspiration in case you need it.

So, what do you do to experience more joy and happiness? What are your techniques, tricks or habits? Let me know in the comment box below!

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Have you seen an error in this article? Let me know! I am grateful!

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